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Rod Smith thinks Broncos have a chance to make another title run

Denver Broncos great Rod Smith sees a different football team in Denver this year. He thinks they have a chance to make another title run.

The Denver Broncos seem to have made all of the right offseason moves heading into this season. From Case Keenum to Bradley Chubb, the organization has gotten better at every level.

During an Alumni event at Broncos camp this week, Rod Smith was asked his thoughts on this team and he minced no words. He noted the energy on the practice field and the talent level is there to make another run at a Super Bowl championship.

As a two-time Super Bowl champion himself, Rod Smith knows a thing or two about championship caliber rosters. Whether or not this team puts it all together and rebounds from a disappointing 5-11 season is a question we’ll soon know the answer to. The important thing is to remember that this roster is filled with Super Bowl champions already and not a lot of teams have that.