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Emmanuel Sanders is having fun this training camp

And who wouldn’t be with a shiny new offense to play in.

Steve Atwater said a few days ago in camp that Emmanuel Sanders looked like a kid in a candy store out there in practice.

Today he used the word “rejuvenated” when the guys from Orange & Blue 760 had a chance to catch up with Emmanuel Sanders and ask him about how camp is going. Ryan Edwards started off the conversation noticing how much Emmanuel was smiling and asking how much fun training camp has been for him:

“You know it’s been fun, it’s been fun. Having a new quarterback man that’s everything. And the first year really in Bill Musgraves’ system and understanding...I’m enjoying that whole process of changing, of understanding, and having a quarterback who knows where to go with the ball.”

He also said they have been just “busting their butts” and working hard to try to get back to the playoffs and back to a Super Bowl.

The entire interview was a great listen. I encourage you to check out the whole thing.

Here are some of my key takeaways:

  • Sanders is impressed by these rookies. He said he’s calling it now that Courtland Sutton can be the offensive rookie of the year based on the touchdowns he could have in the red zone. “I don’t see many guys that can body him out of the way, and he can go up and get it.”
  • He mentioned he has also been impressed by their work ethic and the way they have approached the game. “Guys like that (Sutton and Hamilton) last a long time in this league because they understand their role.”
  • On the flip side, he straight up called out the guys from last year. “Last year’s rookies, I don’t care, they weren’t all that good as rookies, you tell those guys to do something and they want to complain. I’m like ‘dude’, I came into the league with Hines Ward and all these guys, if I would’ve told them ‘no’ they would’ve thrown me in the cold tub or something.”
  • Sanders really believes in Case Keenum and thinks he can be great. He says he’s already seen Case be great in college and he just needs to continue to tap into that to carry the momentum from last year.
  • Lookout for the Sanders/Keenum connection. While Keenum has spread the ball around nicely all camp, he seems to have found a special chemistry with Emmanuel Sanders, which should get Broncos fans excited.

No wonder Sanders is excited when Case is dropping dimes like that into his hands. I’m looking forward to seeing what they can do together (along with the rest of the receiving corps) this year.

Final note: If you listen to nothing else, scrub to the 8:45 mark and listen to what Sanders has to say about Demaryius Thomas. He has some great words and, it’s obvious, tremendous respect for DT as “one of the greatest receivers in Broncos history. It’s really cool.