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Broncos vs. Seahawks: Handing out mulligans

While Denver still came away with a win, there’s a few plays they would love to have back.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos came away with a nice win in an up-and-down game that saw plenty of turnovers and big plays for both teams.

While we don’t want to look a gift Bronco in the mouth, there were a few plays that both the offense and defense would like to have back.

Here’s the two biggest mulligans of the game.


Case Keenum knows he made several mistakes, and bad throws. We’ll dig into all three of his interceptions later in the week, but this one is the most egregious that Keenum would for sure like a do-over on.

This is the first interception Keenum threw, and immediately led to Seahawk points.

Demaryius Thomas is going to run a skinny post while Jeff Heuerman runs a wheel route, and Lindsay flares out into the flat.

The goal of this concept is for Thomas to draw the defenders in Cover-3 to him and free up the other two routes. You can see this begin to happen. The linebacker (54) turns his head and chases Thomas, while the other linebacker chases Heuerman.

This is right before the throw. As soon as Keenum saw 54 and 51 turn up-field, he should have immediately dumped to Lindsay as no one is covering him. Literally, no one is covering the most dynamic player on the field.

If he wanted a bigger play, he could have also looked to Heuerman who had the linebacker beat on the wheel route with no safety over the top.

Instead, Keenum forced a bad throw into a route he had no business even looking at.

Keenum’s other two interceptions he made the right read, but just didn’t make the throw, or didn’t see the defender, but this one, he has to watch this film and be sick for what he left on the field.

And that’s why this is the one he would like to have back.


The other guy who would love a mulligan from Sunday is Justin Simmons on the Seahawks’ big touchdown pass to Tyler Lockett.

I have been one of Simmons’ biggest supporters on here since he was drafted, but he would love to have this one back.

First of all, this is a good play-call by the Seahawks.

Wilson is going to boot right and they act like they will run a classic combination off the boot, a hook and corner route.

Simmons assumes this is the route they are running as well and begins to break towards the sideline to come over the top of the corner route.

Then, Tyler Lockett turns the would be corner route into a post, and it was too late. Simmons was caught way out of position and Lockett was wide open.

I have said several times that I prefer Justin Simmons playing in the box, or matched up on guys one-on-one as opposed to up high as a traditional free safety. That’s mostly because I think his skills are better utilized there (as we saw on his interception), but also because he is not quite as seasoned as a guy like Darian Stewart and can get baited and beat at times up high.

I have no doubt he will watch the tape and learn from this, because he needs to improve his route recognition and reading the quarterback/offense to truly take his game to the next level.

In the meantime, he would love to have this back.