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Shelby Harris: Defense not satisfied with Sunday’s performance

The un-drafted defensive lineman echoed Vance Joseph’s comments, that they were happy with the win, but knew they could play better.

Shelby Harris is a serious dude. He joined the guys over at Orang and Blue 760 today to talk about the defense’s feelings on Sunday’s win.

“I feel like we did a pretty good job containing them and getting after them, but after watching the film I feel like there was so many more chances that we could’ve capitalized on, so it’s encouraging but we’re not satisfied at all.”

This is on the heels of a performance that saw the Seahawks held to under 70 yards on the ground, and the mobile quarterback Russell Wilson held to only two rushes for 5 yards. Oh, and they sacked him six times.

However, Shelby Harris said when he grades himself, he “expects perfection, and if it’s not perfect I’m always going to strive to be better.”

It’s great to hear from one of the Broncos defenders that they are not resting on what they did Sunday, and know there are areas to clean up. It echoes what Vance Joseph said after the game as well:

“It’s good to win, but we do have standards, and our standards can’t be measured by who we play. It’s got to be by how we play, Joseph said, so, I told my guys today, ‘Hey, I’m excited about the win, but we can play better.’ We have higher standards than that, especially defensively, not giving up four explosive plays. Yes, we’re satisfied to win but we understand it’s a long year. It’s only Week 1 and we’re going to play good teams down the road. We can’t play that way and expect to win every game by giving the ball away three times and giving up five explosive plays. It’s can’t happen.”

Harris said this game didn’t meet their defensive standard at all. “We should have done a lot better. The big plays and the mistakes, a lot of it we feel like we just shot ourselves in the foot. We know our potential and we’re not going to be satisfied until we reach it.”

That statement should terrify every opposing quarterback on Denver’s schedule, and put a huge smile on every Broncos fan’s face. I can’t wait to see this whole team, especially this defense, continue to get better.

Check out the whole interview above at the 5:00 mark.