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Broncos Country impressed Bradley Chubb in his first game

Denver Broncos rookie Bradley Chubb was impressed with fans on Sunday, but knows they’ll be even more amped up when the Oakland Raiders come to town this weekend.

Seattle Seahawks v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Denver Broncos rookie edge rusher and fifth-overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, Bradley Chubb, got his first introduction to Broncos Country in his first start. It was Orange Sunday and fans were on full tilt.

“Oh yeah, Broncos Country is amazing, just going out there and running into the sea of orange is pretty cool,” Chubb said on Wednesday. “Seeing every third down, every incomplete pass, they were screaming. It’s definitely a fun environment. I can’t wait to see what it’s like for a divisional game.”

Getting off to a fast start in the NFL is critical, so fans know how important these first few weeks are. The crowd can play a vital role on defense, just to keep things loud and uncomfortable for opposing offenses. Especially, when the defense has Hall of Fame talent like Von Miller crashing the edge.

However, that was against a non-conference opponent. Chubb and the Broncos are hosting the Oakland Raiders this weekend and he is going to see a whole new level of rowdy in those stands. On some level, Chubb is already vaguely aware this next game is just a wee bit different than the rest.

“Ever since was drafted, a lot of people have been telling me ‘I’m looking forward to Week 2’ and stuff like that,” Chubb said. “You can see that the rivalry is definitely big here and all of the fans really put a lot into it. We’re just going to go out here and try to get a win for them.”

Winning would be good. Destroying them would be better.