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No Bull Questions: Focusing on the line play

No Bull questions about the Broncos and what I’ll be focusing on this week. Chime in and share your questions for week 2 with the Denver Broncos facing the Oakland Raiders!

Minnesota Vikings v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Last week I was really focused on the passing game on both sides of the ball, but this week, I want to get back to watching the trenches and seeing what is good in the core areas of both the offense and defense.

As we head into week 2, here are the questions I’ll be focusing on as I watch the game:

What is making the offensive line look so good early in the season?

We’ve been pretty focused on the offensive line quality in the past few years and last season was no exception. We had major issues at left guard which led to problems at left tackle at times and serious issues at right tackle no matter who the Broncos put in.

How are the interior linemen on the front seven doing as far as stopping the run?

We’ve got Domata Peko, Derek Wolfe, Shelby Harris, and Adam Gotsis as big time run stoppers up front. What is working for them that is freeing up the ILBs to attack the ball? Who stands out as really making the run defense work or not work in week 2?

Who is generating interior pass rush either by collapsing the pocket or straight up getting hits on the QB?

Most who watch the Joe Woods defense closely know about the NASCAR package he employs in 3rd and long situations with Von Miller, Shaquil Barrett, Bradley Chubb, and Shane Ray all on the field at the same line up front. How much do we use that? Who else is effective as a pass rusher on some of the shorter downs where teams run PA?

Is Marquette King going to step up his game?

I was pretty stoked to sign King this off season, but he’s been pretty underwhelming so far. Where’s his big leg? How much of a weapon is going to be in a game with great motivation for him as a former Raider?

Your turn

What are you focusing on this week? Want to see if Case Keenum can play more mistake-free football? Interested in how the young RBs look? Add your questions to the comments and we’ll follow up next week and see what we learned about the team.