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Broncos vs. Raiders: Tim Patrick secures our game ball for game-breaking catch

We spread the game ball love around, but no play was bigger than Tim Patrick’s catch with less than 20 seconds remaining to setup the field goal and the win for the Denver Broncos.

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos were down 12-0 at halftime, then down 19-10 late in the fourth quarter. Then Case Keenum took over. In his final two drives, he led the Broncos to a touchdown and then a last second field goal to secure the 20-19 win over the Oakland Raiders.

With a fury of a comeback like that, there will certainly be some game balls to give out for this one. Let’s start things off with the man who made the win possible with a fantastic catch and run that made the winning field goal attempt that much easier of an attempt.

Tim Patrick

In a game where our wide receivers had 1/4 of their catches nullified by the refs, Tim Patrick made sure there wasn’t any such nonsense on the last play of the game to get the Broncos into winning field goal range. What a great play by a guy who’s the 4th or 5th WR on the depth chart. It says a lot that Keenum trusted him late in the game with the pass and he showed great savvy getting every yard he could and going out of bounds when it was clear he couldn’t house it. - Sadaraine

Editor’s note: Speaking of the referees...

Brandon McManus

Brandon McManus continued his hot start to the season going 2 for 2 on extra points, and 2 for 2 on field goals. Giving a game ball to a kicker may seem ridiculous, but when you kick the game winner you earn some love. The Broncos offense sputtered throughout the first half, but McManus was ready every time he was called upon, and money with the game on the line. Watching the rest of the kickers in the NFL struggle in the clutch really helps you appreciate what he has been able to do in the first two weeks of the season. - Adam Malnati

Case Keenum

His stats line looked pedestrian, with only 222 yards and an INT (because the refs think this is 2017 and not 2018). But that doesn’t paint the full picture. In this game, which was too close for comfort, Keenum kept his cool and remained calm, and when the chips were down, he delivered.

How about that designed QB sneak for 8 yards that took EVERYONE by surprise? How about pulling a “Brady” and going in on a QB sneak on 4th freaking down instead of trying for the FG? That takes onions the size of Vidalia’s.

Then on the final drive, when all hope is lost, backed up 2nd & 20 on our own 10, does he press and freak out? No, he remains cool under pressure and delivers strike after strike after strike. Next thing you know, we’re lining McMoney up for a chip shot extra point at 36 yards and sending Oakland home with their tails between their legs. Case Keenum has this team at 2-0, and even though it wasn’t pretty, we came out with a much needed victory. - Pete Baron

Shaquil Barrett

Not often a guy who blocks an extra point gets a gameball, but Barrett’s play proved to be the difference. As he did in Week One against the Seattle Seahawks, he finds a way to make an impact whenever he’s on the field. Here’s hoping we start to see Barrett on the field more in the coming weeks. - Ian St. Clair

Phillip Lindsay

Phillip Lindsay gets my game ball. When the offense was dead in the water in the first half, he was the only spark of life. He finished the game with 14 carries for 107 yard to go with 1 catch for 4 yards. Even you discount his beautiful 53 yard scamper, he still had 54 yards on his other 13 carries (4.2 ypc). Lindsay was the best ball-carrier on the team in the first two games and he appears to only be getting better. I love that Musgrave is getting him the ball with 17 touches in the first game and 15 touches in the second game. - Joe Mahoney

Bill Musgrave

After a horrendous start by the offense, Bill Musgrave went back to the drawing board at half and changed things up, adding in hurry up elements that kept the Raiders on their heels. Add in two gutsy calls on a read option and QB sneak on 4th and goal, and Musgrave is a big piece of how Denver pulled off this comeback - Jeff Essary

Who gets your game ball for helping the Broncos win this game? Share in the comments section below.