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Von Miller: “Good play by the Raiders” in trading Khalil Mack

Von Miller thinks that the Oakland Raiders made a great choice trading Khalil Mack. Which is true if you play for the Denver Broncos.

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos had to grind one out at home against the Oakland Raiders on Sunday. Down two scores late in the fourth quarter, the team rallied to take their first lead of the game with a mere six seconds left in regulation.

One might wonder how the outcome would have changed had the Raiders had edge rusher Khalil Mack on the field.

After the game, the Broncos own elite edge rusher Von Miller was asked about not having to face Mack on Sunday.

“I really didn’t think about Khalil,” Miller said. “I mean, yesterday, yeah a little bit. We’re not going to be playing him today. But he’s on a whole another team in a whole another division in a whole another conference. It would’ve been, but they traded him away. Good play by the Raiders.”

Good play, Oakland. Good for Denver.

Miller also talked about Todd Davis and the steak dinner he owes him for wrecking a strip-sack on Derek Carr in the first half due to a defensive holding penalty.

Todd Davis, probably more than a steak dinner,” Miller said. “I don’t know what he has. I’ve got to talk to him. Why does he owe me a dinner? Did you watch the game? It was early in the game. I had Derek Carr. It was one of the few plays that he held the ball. I was able to get in and get a sack and that forced fumble and we recovered it. But we had to go back because Todd was doing these walks with whoever it was out there (laughs).”

Despite having that strip-sack negated, Miller still finished with one sack on the day to bring his two-game total to four. On a day when Carr was getting the ball out with a lightning focus, it was good on Miller to even have a chance to get the one he got.

Davis better spring for a pretty good steak this week, though.