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Phillip Lindsay sets NFL record to start his career

Phillip Lindsay becomes the first undrafted player to top 100 yards from scrimmage in his first two NFL games.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos found that diamond in the rough in undrafted free agent Phillip Lindsay. He grew up a Bronco fan and made sure to ask Terrell Davis for permission to wear his #30 jersey. Permission was granted and Lindsay has proceeded to live up to that number through his first two games.

On Sunday, Lindsay became the first undrafted free agent in NFL history to gain over a 100 yards from scrimmage in each of his first two games.

The 5’8” 190-pound back piled up 107 yards on 14 carries in the Broncos comeback win over the Raiders. He had 15 carries for 71 yards against the Seahawks in Week, but his 2 receptions for 31 yards and a touchdown put him over the 100 scrimmage yard mark.

The Broncos coaching staff has taken note of Lindsay’s hot hand, finding ways to get him the ball more than any other running back on the roster.

“He had a big run for us and finally broke a play for us,” Head Coach Vance Joseph said on Sunday. “He is a good football player. Not only as a running back, but as a guy who covers kicks for us and a guy who catches the ball for us. He is a total package as a football player. He’s been impressive. He’s been really impressive.”

Most experts believed Lindsay to be a gimmick player, with very limited play options in a given offense. Instead, Lindsay has shown a knack for finding running room anywhere on the field. He has also shown an ability to fight through tackles despite his smaller size.

However, Lindsay also understands his role on the team. It’s not so much to be the grinder who grinds out the tough yards. No, he’s there to break the big one and be the spark that ignites the offense.

“I am here to be our spark player,” Lindsay said. “I am here to make sure that I get my teammates going, whether it is on a punt, if it is on a kickoff or kickoff return, anything. I am going to do what I have to to get our team moving.”

Game on, Phillip Lindsay!