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Von Miller on the NFL protecting quarterbacks: ‘Just go for the ball’

Von Miller knows a thing or two about stealing the ball from opposing quarterbacks - and now running backs.

Von Miller made an appearance on SB Nation Radio on Monday to talk about the Denver Broncos start to the 2018 season.

He started off showing some love to the young players on the roster who are stepping up and joining the veteran leaders on the team to get these early wins, playing with grit and fire in two comeback wins at home.

When asked about the NFL’s new rules protecting quarterbacks, referencing the hit by Clay Matthews of the Green Bay Packers that ultimately kept the Minnesota Vikings hopes alive, Von Miller had one piece of advice, “Just go for the ball no matter what.”

Miller continued to note that the sack/strip is one of the most important plays he can make in a game. The whole interview was worth a listen, but I absolutely loved the ‘go for the ball’ comments Miller made about how he tries to get after the quarterback in any given situation.

With four sacks and a few forced fumbles in two games and no penalties, I think Miller knows exactly what he is doing when it comes to punishing opposing quarterbacks.