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UDFA Phillip Lindsay getting a lot of love from some elite Broncos

Chris Harris Jr. and Terrell Davis join the choir singing the praises of the undrafted rookie running back.

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Seattle Seahawks v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Good morning, Broncos Country!

Is it crazy to keep talking about Phillip Lindsay?


Not when the former-UDFA-turned-Pro-Bowl-cornerback Chris Harris Jr. is talking about him.

“30 reminds me of myself when I was a rookie,” Harris Jr. said of the undrafted running back out of the University of Colorado. “I love watching him for sure.”

The way Harris Jr. sees himself most in Lindsay is how much No. 30 is contributing - even as a rookie - on both special teams and in the offense.

“Him doing that right there is something that we’ve needed. We needed a spark, and he’s bringing that to us,” Harris Jr. said.

Lindsay sees that as his role too - something he mentioned in his post-game interview on Sunday.

“I am here to be our spark player. I am here to make sure that I get my teammates going, whether it is on a punt, if it is on a kickoff or kickoff return, anything,” he said. “I am going to do what I have to to get our team moving.”

Harris Jr. sees that happening and believes bigger things are in store for Lindsay too.

“A lot of Offensive Players of the Year are top running backs, and he already has more yards,” Harris Jr. noted. “If he keeps that up, he’s going to be on his way.”

Lindsay already appears to be on his way, having tallied 178 rushing yards, 35 receiving yards and averaging 8.9 yards per touch through just two weeks

Oh, and he is the leading rookie running back right now for rushing yards - 44 yards ahead of first-round sensation Saquon Barkley and 77 yards over fellow teammate and third-round pick Royce Freeman. He also owns the third-best rushing tally so far among all NFL running backs.

Thanks to Lindsay’s 107 yards rushing against the Raiders in Week 2, the Boulder grad is up for two fan-vote superlatives this week - NFL Rookie of the Week and the FedEX Air and Ground Award (pssst...if you haven’t voted yet, I don’t even know who you are anymore).

Oh yeah, and there’s another pretty good running back talking about Lindsay too.

“I already envision in my mind there will be a day where it’s probably six, seven eight years from now and I’m meeting him on the field because the torch is being passed and he’s breaking my rushing yards record,” Hall-of-Famer Terrell Davis told Nicki Jhabvala this week.

Lindsay insists he is “just playing football” despite being the first NFL undrafted rookie to have consecutive games running more than 100 yards.

“I am just playing football. That’s it,” he said after the win over the Raiders. “I am just playing football for our team. I don’t think of things like that. For me, it’s just a great opportunity to go out there. I am just happy that we got the ‘W.’ It’s on to the next.”

Speaking of that, Ravens head coach John Harbaugh - who said the team had considered Lindsay as a free agent right after the draft - certainly isn’t looking past the 5-foot-8 running back now.

“He’s quick, he’s kind of fearless. They put him in good situations. ...They get the ball outside quick on the edge a couple different ways. ...The offensive line has done a good job, but this kid is running, and he’s making plays with his speed and his fearlessness. He’s doing it as a kick returner, [too]. He’s back there as a kick returner as well – pretty impressive.”

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