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FanPulse: Broncos Country is cautiously optimistic heading into Week 3

The Denver Broncos won two close home games, which has sent fan confidence southward despite the team’s 2-0 start to the season.

Welcome back to another week of our FanPulse survey, where Broncos fans like you and me take a short weekly survey on the direction of the Denver Broncos. Here’s how we all voted heading into the team’s Week 3 road matchup with the Baltimore Ravens.

How confident are you in the direction of the team?

With each win, Broncos fans have tempered their optimism and expectations for this team. I’d hate to see how it looks a week after their first loss. I personally voted ‘meh’ because that first half was hard to watch football.

Will the Broncos win or lose in Week 3?

Odds: Broncos are 5-point underdogs

Baltimore Beatdown FanPulse: Ravens by 5

Mile High Report FanPulse: Broncos by 2

Ironically, the spread and Ravens fans are in agreement. Meanwhile, Broncos fans believe Case Keenum and that offense will do enough to win another close one on the road in Week 3.

How would you fix NFL overtime rules?

As someone who grew up in the olden days, I voted to keep it as it is. That is not entirely true, but my option wasn’t on the list. I like the rules as they are, but with a full 15 minute overtime. This 10 minute overtime thing is not enough time for each team get enough drive opportunities to win the game. We are going to see a lot more ties moving forward, I think.

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