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Broncos at Ravens score predictions for Week 3

The Denver Broncos may or may not be good with two close home wins over two bad football teams, so this game against the Baltimore Ravens will be an important test.

The Denver Broncos (2-0) will look to erase the memory of their first road game of 2017 when the bottom fell out of their 2-0 start that season with a strong performance against the Baltimore Ravens (1-1) here in Week 3.

Collectively, the Mile High Report staff believes in this Broncos 2-0 start with a 24-21 average score prediction in favor of Denver. That is slightly better than the FanPulse survey results, which had the Broncos with a slight 2-point edge over the Ravens in this game.

Here is how we broke things out individually.

Broncos 23, Ravens 20

The Broncos and Case Keenum have been the comeback kids through two weeks and though part of me feels like this should be the Ravens game to win, it will be another Keenum-led comeback drive to win this one to push the Broncos to 3-0. As Brandon Perna predicted in the video above, I’m going to believe this team is different than the one we saw in 2017 for at least one more week! - Tim Lynch

Broncos 22, Ravens 17

The Broncos running game will continue to find success against the Ravens. The offensive line has been solid this year, and there is no reason to believe this will change. On the defensive side of the ball, with a small change to the scheme, the Orange Rush can get back to wrecking games. The secondary played too far off against the Raiders, which allowed Derek Carr to find his receivers before the defensive line could get home. This should change against the Ravens. - Adam Malnati

Broncos 30, Ravens 20

The Broncos have struggled on the road in recent memory, especially in early games on the east coast. Hopefully this week they can buck that trend. With the Ravens’ defense likely being without some of its best players, I believe Case Keenum and the Broncos’ offense are set to have a big game in Baltimore — as long as they don’t turn the ball over. My biggest concern is in respect to how the team’s secondary matches up against the myriad of weapons Baltimore has on offense. As mentioned in my keys to the game portion, getting after Flacco will be key. If they can do those two things, they will have a great shot at starting the season 3-0. - Christopher Hart

Broncos 23, Ravens 16

Winning on the road in the NFL isn’t easy, and doing so on the East Coast makes the task that much more difficult. Add in the fact the Ravens will honor Ray Lewis on Sunday … you know the Ravens and that stadium will be amped up. The Broncos have two of the most crucial components to counter that — strong run game and play great defense (if the secondary limits big plays). If those two areas are present on Sunday, Denver passes its first road test of the season. I also have a sneaky suspicion Keenum plays his best game of the season. Adam Malnati and I previewed Sunday’s game on the latest MHR Radio Podcast. - Ian St. Clair

Ravens 27, Broncos 17

This game has doom and gloom written all over it. East Coast game spells disaster. But wait, it gets worse. It’s an early game on the east coast. That’s a double whammy. And to make sure we strike out, it’s against a 20 year old nemesis in the Ravens, a team who seemingly has our number the same way we have the Raiders’ number. What does a triple whammy spell? It spells the Broncos losing by double digits on the road. I will throw in a caveat though. I know it’s probably nothing, but Keenum does have a sore knee. If for whatever reason, Chad Kelly sees significant playing time (see Baker Mayfield of 1/2 a game or more), I think the Broncos win as ridiculous as that sounds. What’s my score prediction? 27-17 Ravens unless $wag plays. Then it’s 24-20 Broncos. - Pete Baron

(Editor’s note: Yes, I am as confused as you are.)

Toss Up

This game will go one of two ways.

1. Denver continues to play the way they have, working the kinks out of the offense and defense and it finally catches up to them against a solid opponent on the road.

2. The defense cleans up their mistakes on the back end, not allowing big plays, and the offense finally puts together a turnover free game and Denver guts out a tough road win.

Your guess is as good as mine. My optimistic side wants to say option 2, but my gut says it’s more likely option 1. - Jeff Essary

Give us your score predictions in the comments section below.