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Broncos at Ravens: 5 things we learned

Here are my takeaways from a frustrating week 3 loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

#1 The offense (and Case Keenum) have run out of mulligans on turnovers

Everyone from the coaches, players, media, and fans have talked up this offense as improved over the last few years, pointing specifically to Case Keenum’s leadership and command of the offense.

However, while we have seen flashes of big play ability, the offense remains its own worst enemy with turnovers. This is now five interceptions in three games for Case Keenum. As the leader of the offense, he has to step up and stop the hemorrhaging of the ball, especially in the red zone.

We have all been saying that this offense is good, if they would just eliminate turnovers, but as both Adam and Sadaraine said in our MHR chat room during the game, they have yet to prove they can do that.

#2 The No Fly Zone is done

Denver fielded 1.5 competent corners today on the back end. With Adam Jones and Tremaine Brock nursing injuries, rookie Isaac Yiadom got picked on repeatedly. Not only that, but Bradley Roby looked pedestrian, and Harris didn’t play his best game either.

If Roby continue to play like he has in the first three games, I wouldn’t give him another contract; and I have been a pretty strong defender of Roby during his career here.

Tight ends are still running free, linebackers have zero clue how to read the quarterback in zone coverage, and our safeties are still out of position at times.

This secondary is a mess right now, and needs to seriously shape up if this defense wants to have any legitimate shot at being any good.

#3 Denver can run the football, but not much else

The running game at five yards per carry against a stout Ravens front was a lone bright spot on offense. Penalties, drops, and bad quarterback play led to a pitiful showing of 173 total yards passing and three sacks.

I’m not sure if the sore knee was bothering Case Keenum, but he looked very off today.

#4 Officiating in Ravens vs. Broncos games is still horrible

I had some flashbacks to 2012 during this game. I am not one to blame officiating on a loss, as this team lost the game all by itself with stupid plays, but my gosh that was one of the worst officiated games I have ever seen.

Zero holding calls on the Ravens offense that bear hugged Von Miller and Bradley Chubb all game, while Denver proceeded to get flagged for every ticky tack “hold” out there.

Ghost block in the back calls that wiped out a touchdown, and missed DPI on Butt’s 4th down play at the end of the game ensured that if the Broncos were going to win this game, they were going to have to not only beat the Ravens, but also the Zebras.

#5 Monday night is going to be a bloodbath if they don’t fix things in a hurry

Anyone who has watched the Chiefs over the first three weeks should be shaking in their boots for this upcoming game with them next week. Denver has barely squeaked out wins over teams who are collectively 0-5 right now, and lost to a Ravens team who was smacked around by the Bengals.

If they have any prayer of slowing down the red hot Chiefs, they need to do some serious adjustments this week.

Which means coaches have to coach better, and players have to execute, both of which have been in short supply so far this season.