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Chris Harris: ‘We’re not tricking anybody right now’ in the secondary

Denver Broncos cornerback Chris Harris Jr. had some choice words to share regarding the looks the secondary are giving opposing offenses through three games.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

When Joe Flacco needed a first down on Sunday, he and the Baltimore Ravens usually got one. That was the story of the injury-riddled Denver Broncos secondary in Week 3. And for the second week in a row, opposing offenses seem to have a blueprint to beating the No Fly Zone - getting the ball out fast.

“We gotta move and disguise better,” Harris said. “We’re not tricking anybody right now. They know exactly what’s coming.”

It is encouraging that Harris said it, because we’re all seeing it too. Defensive Coordinator Joe Woods needs to find a way to disguise what the Broncos are doing on defense or good quarterbacks are just going to pick them apart. Hell, even bad quarterbacks like Derek Carr will chew up the completion percentage.

Not that it matter, the Broncos were so sloppy in this game that even had the disguised their secondary coverages well they would have shot themselves in the foot with the penalties - some warranted, some borderline fixing by the refs.

“We can’t beat ourselves,” Harris added. “That’s what it takes. We have to be disciplined on the road. We made plays, but it’s just unfortunate. Unfortunate that we had penalties that killed us.”

Harris also noted that he had some things he would love to say about the blocking in the back penalty that negated his blocked field goal return for a touchdown, but feared being fined, so he held his tongue.

All around the game was brutal at times, but Harris was right, they made plays. Their plays were just negated by penalty.

Now they have to prepare for the red hot Kansas City Chiefs on Monday Night Football in Week 4.