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Broncos at Ravens: The No Bull Review

The Denver Broncos fell to the Baltimore Ravens in what was a downright poor showing of a football game. Here are my thoughts, opinions, and analysis on the Denver Broncos’ most recent game.

NFL: San Diego Chargers at Carolina Panthers Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

My apologies, Broncos Country, but you are going to get the abridged version of the NBR today. As much as I’d love to delve into the depths of this game with the normal rigor that I put into these reviews each week, I’m a hard pass on putting any kind of serious effort into this one.

Why you ask? Because this game was a joke. The way the NFL refereed the game was complete nonsense. The best I can do here is be thankful it was the regular season instead of a postseason game with the NFL Alleged Murder Ray Lewis being honored in any way, shape, or form.

Why so much salt? Because the way the game was called was completely different depending on which units were on the field. Our derpy tackles got holding calls constantly (which they were), while the tackles from the Ravens held the exact same way over and over without drawing the same flags.

We saw made-up penalties to call back returned TDs, no calls for our returner getting jacked from straight up helmet to helmet spearing (which has been a normally called penalty for quite some time), etc, etc.


So the defense was the furthest thing from creative that I can remember. It is like Joe Woods forgot that the Baltimore Ravens are an NFL team and Joe Flacco has a live arm. With our strong circa 2005 strat, we sold out to stop the run with cover 1 man most of the game and just let the Ravens pick their favorite match up play after to play.

The good thing is that Joe Flacco is far from elite or accurate. So it kinda sorta made it look like we had a chance.

Front 7

Bradley Chubb was looking really strong to start the game off. Then the holding technique started being a new legal thing for the Ravens and he wasn’t heard of much again.

Adam Gotsis played a hell of a game. He batted down a pass and kept getting solid push up front.

Shane Ray had a superb strip-sack, but sadly Shaquil Barrett was trying too hard and failed to do the #1 thing the defense should do when there’s a fumble: make 100% sure you get possession of it.

I liked what I saw from Josey Jewell through the game. He plays the run very well and had a play I noticed where he had outstanding pass coverage.


Chris Harris Jr. needs some help. I’m not even going to mention the names of any of the other corners because they all took turns sucking in this game and don’t deserve the recognition. Let’s just say I’m frigging pining for Aqib Talib and likely will be until next offseason because there isn’t anyone on this team that could carry his jock with two helpers and a wheelbarrow.

Our safeties looked better than the corners overall, but neither Justin Simmons nor Darian Stewart looked special enough to help cover up the lack of corner talent on the team.


The cake is a lie.

This offense looked completely stagnant once the flags started flying and the fighting spirit we’ve seen out of the offense just dimmed out as the game went on with no real spark once the second half started.

I feel like Bill Musgrave is calling things way too conservatively now due to the QB’s turnovers and having a good run game and this is allowing teams to play closer to the line of scrimmage and crowd routes.


Case Keenum didn’t look good. He’s more and more looking like a game manager who’s upside is one terri-bad pick per game and maybe a drive or two that will score. His passes are inaccurate which is the biggest problem and I’m wondering if he’s hiding a bigger problem with his knee than the team is letting on.


This was easily the worst game of the season for the line, though some of it honestly isn’t on them. Garrett Bolles though was a hot mess against an elite pass rusher and went back to pancaking guys as his main technique for keeping his QB from getting hit. I dig it because I like a healthy QB, but it is costing the team in big ways and he needs to do better.

The holds on Jared Veldheer and Connor McGovern were nonsense.

Running Backs

Phillip Lindsay is far to important to the offense to get ejected from the game. The ref was filthy in doing so and could have just left the personal foul penalty of 15 yards be the punishment. This was not some Suh move stepping on someone’s face. This was a guy fighting to break the ball loose.

Devontae Booker needs to go hock cell phones at the mall. He doesn’t have anything special to his game as a runner (which is kinda his main job...people can pound sand with this notion that he’s a pass-catching 3rd down back). On the offense, this is the #1 guy that needs to be replaced this season asap.

Royce Freeman on the other hand has good vision and burst. He runs the ball well and looked good in this game.


I’d harp on the WRs some, but most of their problems stemmed from needing to grab their catches about a half foot from the ground because our QB can’t throw a guy open or lead them properly.

Special Teams

This was the one bright spot of the game. Our Special Teams unit is rocking it with blocks everywhere, solid coverage, and good kicking happening every game. Too bad you can’t straight up win an NFL game with your Special Teams.

Final Thoughts

The good thing is this is just one game. What we need to see from the Broncos now is for them to put this game behind them, come up with a far better game plan, and get focused on beating their division rival (who is looking smoking hot on offense) next week.