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Vance Joseph confident in Case Keenum despite turnovers

Head coach Vance Joseph said he is “not concerned” about his quarterback’s interceptions.

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Denver Broncos v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Head coach Vance Joseph met the media yesterday to discuss Sunday’s loss in Baltimore.

He was naturally asked about Case Keenum and his rocky start to the year, throwing five interceptions in three games.

Joseph was asked if he was concerned about the interceptions:

“I’m not. And again, this is Case’s first time being ‘the guy’ right out of the gate. I think Case is going to play better and better with time. He missed practice on Wednesday this week and that could have affected how fast he played with the ball. But I am not concerned. He does so many good things during the game, it keeps you hopeful that he’s going to play better and better as we go along here. That’s a tough defense to prepare for. They gave us some different looks that we weren’t prepared for. We adjusted, obviously. He didn’t play perfect, but he didn’t play bad either.”

The guys over on 1st and 10 at 10 on Orange and Blue 760 covered this topic as well and Andrew Mason made a great point about how it took both Jake Plummer and Peyton Manning a few games to get going after joining the team as a veteran acquisition. Check out their conversation about it below at around the 21:15 mark.

Obviously, the circumstances aren’t exactly the same, but I think there’s something to be said for Case having the reins to a team for the very first time and perhaps forcing it a little too much.

Additionally, it would be one thing if the interceptions weren’t accompanied by any other results, but Keenum has had some bright spots on offense over these first three games, particularly in the 4th quarter.

This upcoming Monday night game will be a big test for him, in my opinion as this is an opportunity against a very vulnerable Chiefs pass defense, in what will likely need to be a shootout. This is the game to get back on track, if there ever was one, so I’ll reserve judgement until next Tuesday morning once we’re a quarter of the way through the year.

What are your thoughts? Are you concerned with Case Keenum?