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Can the Broncos Garett Bolles bounce back against the Chiefs?

Garett Bolles is extremely important to the Broncos’ success, as Ian St. Clair and I discuss on the MHR Radio Podcast.

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MHR Radio Podcast

The Denver Broncos will square off with the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday Night Football. The scariest part is probably the idea that the Chiefs offense could hand the Broncos a huge loss.

On the MHR Radio Podcast, I even had the gall to predict the Chiefs would drop 50. That would be embarrassing, but perhaps not as embarrassing as the play of Garett Bolles.

Ian St. Clair and I discussed some of the issues around Bolles on the podcast. One of our readers has even put up a fan post about Mark Schlereth’s comments on his radio show. If it were up to Stink, Bolles would get the Ereck Flowers treatment. Perhaps he is right, but I’m going to take this another direction.

Sitting Bolles now would be a huge mistake. While he struggled against the Baltimore Ravens, Bolles had actually been playing well in the Broncos first two games. He’s an athletic tackle that just wants to stuff guys into the ground. The questions that surround him are about growth. After a tough rookie campaign, Broncos Country just wants Bolles to be a capable left tackle.

Maybe Schlereth is right. I have never been an offensive lineman in the NFL. I suppose I should defer to his expertise. But I won’t. This seems more like talk show knee jerking than true analysis.

And yes, I can taste the hypocrisy. I am the one who called out Case Keenum for being awful against Baltimore. However, now is not the time to hit the panic button on Bolles. He is still in the early stages of his career. Bad games are inevitable, and it’s not like Terrell Suggs is some no-name defender.

Bolles got worked over pretty badly, but he is still far from bust status. With Kansas City next on the docket, he will have a chance to redeem himself against one of the best rushers in the NFL. Justin Houston is going to be a huge test. He must eliminate mistakes. If he can’t, Houston will have a field day.

If the Broncos want to win on Monday Night, they are going to need to control the tempo of the game. Moving the football with efficiency, running and passing, will be key to keeping Patrick Mahomes and that offense off the field. That starts up front, and Bolles is a major part of keeping the Chiefs high-powered offense on the sidelines.

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