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Broncos defensive line has to get to Mahomes

Adam Gotsis joined 1st and 10 at 10 on Orange and Blue 760, and he said something that made me sit up.

Everyone knows that the Kansas City Chiefs have been incredible on offense this season. For the Denver Broncos to get a win on Monday Night Football several moons will have to align. When Adam Gotsis sat down with the guys on 1st and 10 at 10 he mentioned something that definitely caught my attention.

Perhaps the most important aspect of the defense will be stopping Patrick Mahomes. He has been on a historic run, and the Chiefs are putting up points all over the place. Gotsis made a specific observation that could be the key to slowing the Chiefs down.

“If we’re getting a good rush we need to turn that into a negative play for them. We can’t allow that to turn into a positive play off a good rush when he pats the ball.”

Andrew Mason had asked a question about Mahomes’ ability to extend plays. There was an interesting aspect to that answer. The defensive line wants to prevent the Chiefs from turning busted plays into positive yards. They also may have a read on the young QB. Gotsis talked about Mahomes patting the ball. I decided to do a little digging.

I am not a film guy. There are plenty of guys on MHR like Jeff or Joe who take the time to do all the study. However, when I pulled up some film studies I noticed a small hitch in Mahomes throw. Not huge, but he seems to pat the ball once quickly before almost every throw. If the defense has a read on that, it could play into their hands.

If you listen to the MHR Radio Podcast, you know I am on record as stating the Chiefs are going to put up 50 on the Broncos. However, hearing this little bit from Gotsis makes me feel like the defense could have something. Here’s hoping they do, and they can turn a positive rush into some big wins on the defensive side of the ball.