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FanPulse: Broncos Country not feeling very confident heading into this week

From 93% confidence as a fanbase in Week 1 to 23% by Week 3. That’s how shaky Broncos Country’s confidence was heading into this season.

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The Denver Broncos lost in Week 3 on the road to Baltimore Ravens in a game where they were screwed by both the referees and themselves. The refs are something most fans will be annoyed with, but shrug off. It’s the mistake-prone football that leaves most of us not feeling very confident at all in this team.

From 93%, to 84%, to 74%, to 23% in just four survey’s. That’s how quickly two wins and a loss bring fan confidence from the stratosphere to the dumpster.

With the red hot Kansas City Chiefs coming to town on Monday Night Football, all hope seems to be lost as in this same survey these fans are predicting an 8-point loss. This amounts to an amazing reversal of optimism from the fan base.

The Broncos players have to feel like their backs are against the wall, which means we’re going to see exactly what this team is made of this week. Are they made of sterner stuff or will they fold like a wet piece of paper?

I still want to believe they are head and shoulders above the team that took the field in 2017, so I am going to say this next game will be far more competitive than people expect.

To end things on a more positive note, let’s look at how sad the Chiefs fan base is when it comes to championship expectations.

87% are perfectly happy with no Super Bowl titles. That made me laugh out loud. The bar is set pretty low in Kansas City.