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Ultimate Fan: W-L records be damned; Broncos won’t lose to the Chiefs

It’s Monday Night Football. It’s Broncos Stadium at Mile High. It’s Broncos-Chiefs. It’s the Ultimate Fan Guide. Of course we predict a win.

Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

It would not be an Ultimate Fan Guide if our guest fan didn’t predict a victory. So put away your complaints from last week (unless you’d still like to complain about the refs because we’re fans and we can do that if we want to) because it’s time to focus all our positive Broncos energy on cheering this team to an upset win over the Chiefs.

And it will not only be important for the Broncos to beat the Chiefs in order to keep the AFC West from getting out of their grasp, it will be important for us Broncos fans to keep those Chiefs fans from getting out of hand before the end of the season. Because if there is one thing that’s unbearable when your team has just suffered a tough loss, it’s a pompous ass fan from a rival team talking trash (just kidding, Kdub!)

Funny side story - I once thought it would be fun to do a “He said, She said” column with a friend of mine who wrote for Arrowhead Pride. The idea was to do two - posting one on AP when the game was at KC and the second on MHR when we hosted the Chiefs - and it was to be a light-hearted, friendly trash-talking preview of the game. We had a good time writing it and then posted on AP for Week 2 of the 2015 season (which you may recall ended up being the Bradley Roby scoop and score play the year that the Broncos went on to win SB50). Anyway, many of the commenters at AP were such asses that I now absolutely cannot stand Chiefs fans (and they used to be my favorite rival fan base!) Anyway, there’s no real point in telling that story other than to say, I love these two games every season even when we might be the underdog and even if we lose, because I know we will eventually win and it will always be sweet, sweet redemption :)

That venting aside...let’s get to the excellent preview from Trogdoor, who likes his Broncos the way he likes his music - hard core! He’s going to the game Monday night in his Phillip Lindsay jersey and you can bet he’ll be screaming - so you should too.

OK, let’s hit this thing like Steve Atwater hit Christian Okoye!

Week 3: Chiefs at Broncos on Monday Night Football!

MHR - The Broncos’ first loss was a complete opposite of the weeks before - starting fast but not finishing. What concerns you about that and how much do you chalk it up to “just wasn’t their day?” How much do you put on coaches for the lack of discipline?
Trogdoor: Last week’s second-half issues could have been different had the phantom block in the back on CHJ’s blocked kick return not been called. What is it with the Ravens and lousy officiating? The call on Lindsay was bollocks! Anyway, can’t blame it on the refs, as the saying goes; good teams overcome all types of adversity to win. They had three drives where they were in field goal range, and then penalties and sacks took the points away. The fourth drive they had to get a TD, but they couldn’t do that either. It was a frustrating loss because it would have only taken a few turns of events to make it a win.

I would spread the lack of discipline blame evenly between players and coaches. The players have to remain focused on the field, and it seems that great coaches are able to teach the players how to do that. But these players have been playing a long time and have had multiple coaches telling them the same fundamentals, so they should know these basics by now. “If you can see the player’s name (unless covered by dreadlocks), then don’t block them there.”

MHR - Kansas City’s defense is not all that stout, but it hasn’t had to be with its explosive offense. How can the Broncos’ offense take advantage of that early and keep pace - or even get ahead - of the Chiefs’ offense?
Trogdoor: The Broncos have to score TDs nearly every possession to win this week. And they must win the turnover battle. I have to think Mahomes isn’t going to go all season without a INT, and I think this week would be a good game for him to throw a couple. Our D-line has to get its hands up to try to get deflections. And the secondary has to cover tight enough to prevent the long ball.

Bend-don’t-break defenses have to be stout in the red zone. I haven’t seen the stats on KC’s D in the red zone, but I would think they aren’t great. Just score TDs - and having Lindsay on the field should help.

MHR - Jake Butt is lost for the season with an ACL tear. How much of an impact will that have on our offensive scheme?
Trogdoor: It’s a real bummer losing Butt, but I think Heuermann and Lacosse can get the job done. A TE threat is not really something the Broncos had even with Butt, so I don’t expect much change there. Maybe put Jano in the mix for a few more snaps.

MHR - I called for an up-tempo Broncos’ offense as the solution for keeping pace with the Chiefs, but there’s definitely logic to controlling the clock and running the ball - though it hasn’t worked out too well for three other teams this season. If you were Bill Musgrave, what would be your offensive plan this week and which players would you try to utilize the most?
Trogdoor: It’s that double edged sword that keeps raising its ugly head. Like Pete’s article says, “Unleash the Offense.”I think it’s true they have to be aggressive but also run the clock. So that means a good mix of runs and passes, which I think so far Musgrave has done a decent job of, so they should keep doing what they are doing.

I expect a lot of running if it is working, but Broncos can’t get one dimensional. They have to keep the KC D guessing.

Mixing some no-huddle can help the offense, even if they don’t snap the ball right away to let the clock run. I do think they need to try to shorten the game. It gets tougher if they don’t have success running the ball. Then it will be more wailing and gnashing of teeth come Tuesday on MHR.

Minimize mistakes; penalties and turnovers will spell doom!

MHR - The Chiefs offense presents a lot of problems for the Broncos’ defense - even with its strong defensive line and elite pass rush. Patrick Mahomes has been accurate, poised and deadly even under pressure. Travis Kelce will no doubt be a problem, and Tyreek Hill is lightning fast. So HOW does Joe Woods handle these weapons this week?
Trogdoor: I’m sure Joe Woods is having a hard time answering that question himself. The interior D linemen have to get penetration and get their hands up when Mahomes cocks his arm. The Chefs certainly have a great offense, much like Denver’s in 2013, scoring at will, against whatever D is thrown out there to try and stop them. There is no doubt KC is going to score, but keeping the huge chunk plays minimized with good tackling would be a start. I have nothing really!

MHR - Chris Harris Jr. said: “We always want to be an attack football team here. That’s our motto here. It’s been like that ever since I’ve been here. That’s always what we’ve done: been in attack mode, not sitting back.” Do you trust Joe Woods to come up with a plan to confuse them and do you think this version of the Broncos’ secondary can handle that?
Trogdoor: I trust that he is trying his best. I’m not in the camp that is ready to fire all of the coaches after a loss. I watched the Thursday night game with the Rams and Vikings, and both teams are supposed to have top 5 defenses, yet neither team could stop the passing games of the other. The Broncos can get it done, but it’s easy to be an armchair coach and second-guess the game plan when it fails.

It’s too bad that they couldn’t keep Talib, and the secondary is having a tough time because of it. That’s what the salary cap does, it brings parity. I just hope they can get some strip sacks and INTs. That is what the Dr. ordered.

MHR - Brandon McManus has been great and Marquette King has been underwhelming. But ST coverage has been a big improvement. How do you feel about our special teams this year, particularly as Broncos will have to contend with Tyreek Hill?
Trogdoor: The special teams have been great this year with new players and a new coach. I would not kick the ball to the freak Hill though. That’s asking for pain.

MHR - Which players will be playmakers for the Broncos this week?
Trogdoor: I think Lindsay will be fired up after getting ejected last game. I’m expecting some lightning from him.

The D is going to need everyone to step up, but I’ll say Simmons gets a pick and makes some solid hits to slow the KC O.

MHR - What does encourage you about this team? Why are you excited about Monday night?
Trogdoor: That the ST is so much better this year, and we have a QB that is going to fight hard to win. I’m excited to see the rookies have a big impact too - Bradley Chubb, Lindsay, Courtland Sutton. I’ll be sitting in the North Endzone sporting a new Lindsay jersey that my TGF bought for me just because I said I like the kid!

MHR - What should “burninate” about this team?
Trogdoor: We should burninate all of the negativity and whining that happens after a loss. It’s not helpful. We are all on MHR to discuss and analyze but it gets really ridiculous at times to hear the same drum beat, “time to fire VJ”, “Keenum sucks, we should have paid Cousins, etc.”

MHR - Why do Broncos fans and Chiefs fans hate dislike each other so much? ;)
Trogdoor: Hate is such a strong word! The Chef fans are so annoying with their rhetoric about how they’ve already won the Super Bowl this year and that Mahomes is a lock for the HoF! Fandom has some weird psychological dynamics; it makes people irrational. It’s also hard to throw an entire fan base into one pot. There are some really good Chef fans that I totally respect. Percentage wise, the Raiduhs fans are worse.


Stats for Case Keenum? 30/40, 300 yards, 2 TDs, 0 INTs (it has to be)

Stats for each Broncos RB? Lindsay 100+ yards from scrimmage. Freeman 75 yards rushing. Booker gets some good blocks. ;)

Number of yards receiving/TDs for each Broncos receiver? Emmanuel Sanders 100+ yards, 1 TD; Demaryius Thomas no dropped passes, 5 catches, 80 yards; Sutton gets the other TD and 50 yards...the rest complete the package.

Longest FG for McManus? 53 yards

Number of sacks to Keenum? 1

Number of sacks to Mahomes? 3

Broncos player with the most tackles? Todd Davis.

Broncos player with the most penalties? Ouch, Garett Bolles

How many INTs/FF/FR for the Broncos D? Need 2 minimum.

Final Score? Broncos 45, Chefs 39 in a nail-biter.

The Favorites:

Favorite Broncos game EVER? The first SB win over the Packers.

Team(s) you hate to lose to the most? P*ts and Chefs.

Team you love to beat? P*ts and Chefs.

Favorite upcoming game this season? This one.

Toughest game on the schedule? This one.

Favorite Broncos player on the current roster? Last year I said Simmons; going Lindsay this year!

Favorite Broncos player of all time? John Elway

Favorite new guy/rookie on the team? Phillip Lindsay

Superstitions on game day? I have a new blanket from The Provider this year, so I get that out for display. It’s spectacular - it has a crocheted picture of Terrell Davis in action and says at the top “TD! Burninate the Defence!”

Least favorite game analyst/commentator? Chris Collinsworth

Favorite sports cliche? Win one for the Gipper

Favorite game day playlist? The same every day for dragons, heavy hard rock!

How did you become a Broncos fan?

Born and raised on Colorado sunshine! Put it this way, I’m also two months older than Elway, and I’ve been a Broncos fan from the beginning in 1960.

What is your most memorable Broncos-Chiefs matchup?

The 1994 Monday Night Football showdown between John Elway and Joe Montana (even though the Broncos lost 31-28) because I was there (13th row on the 20!) I can still smell Montana’s bad breath!! And just as memorable was the 14-10 divisional round game that lead to the first Broncos Championship. I watched highlights of that over and over.


If you could have one iconic player in his prime back for this game, who would it be?

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  • 37%
    John Elway
    (228 votes)
  • 9%
    Terrell Davis
    (61 votes)
  • 4%
    Steve Atwater
    (28 votes)
  • 17%
    Champ Bailey
    (109 votes)
  • 23%
    Peyton Manning
    (145 votes)
  • 6%
    (40 votes)
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