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John Elway excited about the Broncos’ rookie class

Denver Broncos General Manager John Elway was interviewed by Dave Logan on Orange & Blue 760 on Wednesday. Good stuff!

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Dave Logan interviewed John Elway on Wednesday to talk about the Denver Broncos offseason and what his expectations are for the regular season.

Any time Elway gets interviewed its a good idea for Broncos Country to listen. He talked about how excited he was for the Broncos rookie class and how they’ll contribute for the team right off the bat.

The interview ended with Elway’s thoughts of Head Coach Vance Joseph and how much the second-year head coach has prepared for the upcoming season with the intent of bouncing back from a disappointing 5-11 season.

Elway was supportive of Joseph, noting how much he has matured into the role and how he has taken control of the staff and the team heading into the season. Joseph was asked that very topic during the media session today and his answer seemed to enlighten things a bit.

“It’s a lot easier,” Joseph said of year two. “It’s a big job and it takes time to digest it all. Obviously, in my second year, I’m more comfortable with all of it—having a quarterback that I feel good about and having a better offensive line and those things, because players play. It’s a players’ game and I’m a coach and I don’t play. But, it definitely feels better my second time around.”

The quarterback situation was so dire, but Joseph never once threw either of his young quarterbacks under the bus. However, you can sense he is relived to still have a job and be able to have a chance to make something of it with a quarterback he can trust to his job under center.

This season might be a fun one, Broncos fans. What do you think?