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Predicting the Denver Broncos 2018 season

The Denver Broncos will surprise a lot of people in 2018. Whether that surprise leads to an 8-8 season or a 12-4 season is one up for debate.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It’s time to put on your orange and blue goggles to make some season record predictions for the Denver Broncos. Clearly they will go undefeated and win another Super Bowl, right? Our staff weren’t far off from this pie-in-the-sky goal in our final roundtable question of the week. Give us your record predictions in the comments section below.

How do you predict this season will end for the Broncos? What’s their final record? Playoffs or no? And how deep of a playoff run, if any?

  • Scotty: 16-0 and ends with a Super Bowl.
  • Taylor: I really like the way this team is coming together. I think the Broncos flip their record, going 11-5, with an AFC West title & the #3 seed. With the AFC relatively weak, I think an AFCCG appearance or more is entirely possible.
  • Hart: I’m a firm believer that the Denver Broncos will win the AFC West. I think 10-6 or 11-5 is realistic and will be good enough to claim the crown. I don’t expect a Super Bowl run, but wouldn’t be surprised if they won at least one playoff game.
  • Sadaraine: The Broncos are a wild card team who might win the division. My hopeful fan self sees them going about 13-3, making the playoffs and getting at least to the AFC Championship game.
  • Adam: I’m going to try and get out of fan mode here. There are too many questions on the Broncos for me to feel comfortable with anything more than predicting 9-7. There is no telling which Case Keenum will be there. The offense will be better, but how much? The defense lost a big piece in Talib, and there seem to be a lot of rookies that the team will rely on. As a fan, with orange and blue sunglasses on, 12-4 with a deep run in the playoffs culminating in bringing home the Lombardi trophy.
  • Pete: Before Training Camp, I predicted 12-4. I’m not sure if I gave this team credit enough, but they have some brutal games (Rams) on this schedule, so I’m not sure I can go much higher even though I really want to! I’m tempted to go 14-2, but I’ll keep it at 12-4. If Keenum goes down and $wag comes in, it’s still somewhere between 12-4 and 14-2. We also win the AFCW and make it to the damn Super Bowl. Who we gonna beat down there? Is it gonna be Broncos v Rams #2 of the season? Maybe! BRING IT ON!!!
  • Ian St: Before training camp, I thought the ceiling was 12 wins and the floor was eight. I’m still in that mold and think the Broncos finish 10-6 or 11-5. Since my breakout player is Keenum, I can’t say that and turn around have the team finish 8-8 or 9-7. If Denver can run the ball, it sets everything else up. The defense will be there, and as opposed to the last few seasons, the special teams are an actual strength, and that only helps the defense get even better. I think 10-6 or 11-5 win the division, the Broncos get a home playoff game and advance to the divisional round. In the next breath, until we see how Joseph responds to adversity, it’s hard to predict what this team will do or look like. As Adam and I discussed on the latest MHR Radio Podcast, we want to be excited about the season and what we’ve seen, but the question(s) about Joseph continue to linger.
  • Laurie: 19-0...right Whorfin?