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Broncos will need to start fast to avoid an early end

The mantra that must carry over from the preseason to the regular season is Start Fast.

MHR Radio Podcast

We did it Broncos Country! We made it to the start of the regular season. After an abysmal 2017 campaign, we have finally arrived at the precipice of the start of something new. The excitement is almost palpable. Ian St. Clair and I discussed the excitement on the latest MHR Radio podcast, as we previewed the game.

Perhaps the biggest point to be made about the new season is the need for the Denver Broncos to come out fast. Starting fast has been a motto that Vance Joseph and his players have thrown around during the summer. Now is when the actions will have to reflect the rhetoric. Week one, the home opener, is exactly the time to finally unleash the heard.

A fast start can come from either side of the ball. Slamming the door on Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks offense would be a great way to set the tone. Turning their first offensive possession into great field position and points would boost confidence, and send a message to the league. However, Ian had an even more audacious idea. Something we would not have seen in a long time in Denver.

Take the kickoff. Put the offense on the field. A long pass to Emmanuel Sanders or Demaryius Thomas on first down would certainly establish a mindset that tells the fans that the Broncos are ready to play. Follow that up with some pounding Royce Freeman runs, and find a way to put the ball in the end zone. That would be the perfect “fast start” that Joseph and his team have been talking about.

Without a fast start, things could get ugly quickly at Dove Valley. It won’t take long for fans to turn on Joseph and GM John Elway. Questions about Joseph’s ability to be a head coach in the league are still out there. Should Denver find themselves in a hole early, calls for his job will only get louder and louder as the season progresses.

For now, the excitement is high, and optimism is higher. The start of the season brings new hope. The Denver Broncos have a undergone major changes in the offseason. All the new faces will help build that excitement all the way until kickoff. Once the ball is in play, will it be bursts of speed, or misfires? The key to the season lies in the preseason mantra. Without it, the season could be over before it starts.

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