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Will Parks knows the emphasis is on the Broncos starting fast

1st and 10 at 10 asked safety Will Parks about the importance of the Denver Broncos starting fast.

When Will Parks joined Ryan Edwards, Andrew Mason, and Steve Atwater on 1st and 10 at 10, the topic of starting fast came up. As the Denver Broncos continue to inch closer to the start of the regular season, it seems there is a theme to how the team wants to start this season.

Ryan Edwards brought up the issue of slow starts in 2017, and how it seems as if the team is emphasizing the start of games more in 2018.

“... Big emphasis. You know, being able to start fast. I mean you see what happened in the Redskins game, guys started fast offense got on the board, boom we were rolling.”

With the bad taste of 2017 still in their mouths, the Broncos are ready to get out on the field and play some real football. The problems of last season are motivation for the team to go out and perform. Being able to come out, week one, and make big plays right away will go a long way to helping the team, and the fans, move past 2017.

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