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Don’t forget about Broncos rookie DaeSean Hamilton

As Sunday’s opener against the Seahawks inches closer, the focus has been on the Big Three (Freeman, Sutton and Chubb). Hamilton could have a big impact too.

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Orange and Blue 760

The excitement continues to build and build as the season inches closer.

As it does, there is added anticipation for the Denver Broncos rookies. It seems the focus is on three, Royce Freeman, Courtland Sutton and Bradley Chubb (that includes the Orange Rush. Seriously, fans need to get this majestic shirt). With how all three have shined since training camp and throughout the preseason, you understand why.

Meanwhile, there’s another rookie who has gone under the radar who could have just as big of an impact — DaeSean Hamilton. The Broncos rookie receiver has been just as consistent though perhaps not “flashy” as Sutton.

On Friday’s 1st & 10 @ 10 on Orange and Blue 760, Ryan Edwards, Andrew Mason and Steve Atwater interviewed Sutton. He talked about his anticipation and excitement for his first NFL game, and the work the offense has put in to prepare for the Seattle Seahawks. It was a fun conversation that should only get fans more excited.

It also serves as a reminder that when you think of the rookies who could impact Sunday’s game, don’t forget about Hamilton.

Bonus listen

It’s always a privilege to chat with the guys. We talked about expectations for the opener and, fittingly, the rookies I’m most looking forward to seeing on Sunday. As you guessed it, even I didn’t include Hamilton. Treat your ears.