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The Broncos and John Elway will be shaking trees for a QB

John Elway doesn’t appear to have great confidence in Case Keenum.

Now that the Denver Broncos have moved on from Vance Joseph, it is time to find a new head coach. As Ian St. Clair and I discussed on our special edition of the MHR Radio Podcast, that will be the obvious focus of the next few days and weeks, but it may not be the most important search the franchise performs. Since the retirement of Peyton Manning there has been a glaring hole that has overshadowed all other issues in Denver.

The NFL has always been a quarterback league. The last three season in Denver have been shrouded in abysmal at the most important position on the field. Even Manning’s last rodeo was one that left much to be desired. And ever since his departure, John Elway has tried to pay Brock Osweiler $17 millions per year, signed Mark Sanchez as his bridge and waived him, and watched a 7th round draft pick in Trevor Siemian beat out his first rounder in Lynch. Let’s not forget that Osweiler game back for a brief stint, and now the Broncos are seemingly on the QB search again.

When asked about Case Keenum as he addressed the media on New Year’s Eve, Elway seemingly forgot that there were cameras present saying he would go outside and shake a tree and hope a QB fell out. It was a telling statement. Essentially, it was a vote of no confidence, and an acknowledgement that finding a franchise QB in today’s NFL is perhaps the most difficult thing to do.

One of the things that Denver has failed to do since Manning’s departure is get behind a quarterback. Keenum is the first QB that they tried to hand the starting job. After a few weeks, many fans were ready to move on from Keenum and give Chad Kelly a shot. It looked like he was going to get his shot before he ruined his chances with another off-field incident.

They missed out on their opportunity in the 2018 draft to get the QBOTF. In the 2019 draft there are far fewer options that look like they could be that guy they can get behind. Keenum is clearly the bridge QB, but at this point he is a bridge to nowhere. Obviously, no one wants the franchise to get behind the wrong quarterback. Just picking a guy to pick a guy is not smart either. However, moving forward, the proven way to find success is to find the next franchise quarterback.

After just one season it seems to be clear to the fans, and John Elway, that Case Keenum is not the future. The Broncos new head coach will be saddled with whoever they bring in to be the next QBOTF. Their success and failure will run together, and so too, will Elway’s. Let’s hope they choose wisely.

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