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Why is everyone happy about Fangio?

The Denver fanbase seems to have bought in completely with the new hire and it’s a bit surprising.

The Broncos have hired Vic Fangio as head coach and the move was met with overwhelming positivity from Denver fans. Though there are still a few dissenters, the general reaction has been of excitement, relief and renewed trust in John Elway and the Colorado football team. I feel the same...mostly...but the whole thing has made me question why so many of these hard-to-please fans are happy with this decision and I think it boils down to four different possibilities.

Possibility #1 fans love badass coaches

Vic Fangio has been called - by players, not just by crazy podcasters like me - an “evil genius” and he is well known for his no-nonsense style of coaching. Though he’s seemingly famous for speaking his mind and being “old-fashioned”, he is also beloved by his players and that speaks a lot for someone who hasn’t managed to get a head coaching job after 30+ years working on the sidelines of the NFL.

People like this type of coach because it’s somewhat theatrical and romantic and seems like someone who will be fun to watch from afar to see his badassery while in charge of their team. Though he has exactly as much experience as a head coach as Vance Joseph did when he was hired two years ago, with age comes wisdom and with toughness comes better play on the field. Right?

Possibility #2 fans are happy that John Elway hired an unconventional coach

John Elway, though just three years removed from leading his team to a Super Bowl victory, has of late been precariously perched atop the monstrously huge pedestal upon which he was deservedly placed 20 years ago. Part of the negativity towards the GOAT has stemmed from him seemingly hiring his buddies to fill important roles as well as the rumor that he only hires “yes men” to do his bidding. No matter how ridiculous and untrue the rumors, these things settle into the subconscious of a fanbase and squeeze little inklings of doubt into the forefront of the group-think. This hire throws all of those rumors out the window and especially since Fangio, someone who seems to be the opposite of a “yes man”, was hired instead of Mike Munchak who lives at least on the edge of Buddiesville in Elwayland.

This hire shows fans that Elway is willing to do anything and everything to move this franchise forward. #7 saw greatness in a man whose personality has perhaps cost him head coaching jobs in the past and made the difficult decision to take a risk on an older, possibly pain-in-the-butt coach. This is an exciting twist in the saga of Elway as GM and though he still favors his buddies (hello Gary Kubiak), we are willing to look past that after this awesomely different hire.

Possibility #3 fans believe Fangio to have been a great coaching candidate

Though Vic Fangio had never been given his chance to lead a team in his many years of NFL service, his history on the defensive side of the ball and the respect that he consistently receives from his players, is enough to prove him to be a fantastic hire by John Elway. He has led some of the best defenses in the past 10 years both in San Francisco and Chicago and bringing him in to direct and orchestrate the Orange Rush is an idea - soon to be reality - that is beyond drool worthy. Players can’t stop talking about his leadership skills and how genuine and good a guy he is both on and off the field and his gravitas and confidence will be a great change from the last two seasons in Denver.

Many pundits and fans alike believe that an offense like those of the Chiefs or Rams is the future of the NFL and that teams must conform or fail. John Elway and company are making a statement to the rest of the league that a dominant defense, a solid offense led by a QB who doesn’t make mistakes and a respected group of coaches is the counter-punch that will throw KC on its back and beg for mercy over the next four or five years.

Possibility #4 fans are only happy because it was a pathetic group of candidates and Fangio is the most interesting - they aren’t happy

This is just a more negative approach to option #2 and there isn’t much more to say past the headline. There is little argument that the list of candidates was far from spectacular and though after some research many started to like Fangio, the excitement is almost a middle digit at what this franchise and team have become.

Personally, I like the hire and I will be extremely excited to see what Elway, Fangio and Kubiak put on the field in 2019 and beyond.

Why do you think most everyone is so happy about the hire? Poll below!


Why is everyone happy about Fangio?

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    He’s not a "yes man"
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  • 37%
    He’s a great coach
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    We aren’t happy bro
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