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Fans quickly lost interest in Gary Kubiak at the mere mention of bringing back Rick Dennison

Once it was learned Gary Kubiak wanted to bring back Rick Dennison, fan confidence in the team plummeted.

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The 2015-16 season was not very long ago and Denver Broncos fans have long memories. When Gary Kubiak abruptly retired after the 2016 season due to health reasons, many fans commented that he likely used that as an excuse to avoid firing his close friends on the coaching staff. Friends like Rick Dennison.

Whether or not that held any truth at all to his decision to step down doesn’t really matter now, but what does matter is that just two days ago Kubiak was lining up to take over as offensive coordinator for the Broncos under new head coach Vic Fangio. Then on Friday, all Hell broke loose in Dove Valley.

Word came through that Kubiak and the Broncos front office had come to an impasse and was out as offensive coordinator and probably out of the organization entirely.


Because the franchise wasn’t interested in bringing back Rick Dennison and another assistant they had fired just two years ago.

Once this all came out, it was clear fans turned on Kubiak pretty quickly and the Broncos front office has easily won whatever PR battle there might have been over this fiasco.

I am sad to see Kubiak go, but as a fan I had no interest in reviving the same old bullshit we saw in 2015-16. The NFL is evolving and it is time to evolve with some fresh faces and fresh ideas. Since that isn’t what Kubiak had in mind, I am glad John Elway and Fangio made the tough decision and stood their ground.

Kubiak will remain among the Mt. Rushmore of Broncos front office people along with Pat Bowlen, John Elway, Mike Shanahan and even Dan Reeves, but for now it looks like he’ll need to go find work elsewhere.

For the Broncos, they look like they mean business when it comes to charging head-long into the future. All they need now is a damn quarterback.

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