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Getting a grip on the Broncos new coaching staff... and all that salt on the stadium pretzels

Just who are these guys?

Vic Fangio? Ed Donatell? Rich Scangarello? Mike Munchak? Just who are these guys and how are they going to affect the 2019 Denver Broncos?

Take it from me and Mick Klis, with all these names coming to Denver with various backgrounds and from all over the NFL, it’s easy to get confused. Laurie, Tim, and Jess look at the new staff and start to critically eye expectations for the upcoming season in this week’s Something Something Broncos podcast.

What’s going to happen with Emmanuel Sanders considering his achilles injury? Who do we expect to depart in free agency? Is there a chance Antonio Brown comes to Denver? If so, would trading for Antonio Brown do to prospects of trading up to pick a quarterback in the draft?

More importantly, we seriously get into our favorite stadium experiences with concessions. We can all agree there’s too much damn salt on the pretzels. Old Mile High was awesome because of the closeness, but spilled drinks presented a problem. Also, what’s up with the pizza in the nosebleed seats?

All this AND MORE in this week’s Something Something Broncos podcast. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll still not know how to pronounce Scangarello.