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Broncos fans are in a pickle for who to root for in the AFC title game

Do they stomach the spoiled milk (the Patriots)? Or do you chug untreated water from Mexico (the Chiefs) knowing full well what happens after you do?

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Good morning, Broncos Country!

For the last week, the debate has waged.

Do fans of the Denver Broncos “pull” for the New England Patriots or the Kansas City Chiefs in today’s AFC Championship Game?

For me, the decision is easy. Never, ever in any way, shape or form, under any circumstance, do I want anything good to happen to a division rival. Let alone one that has never won the trophy named after its owner, but could do so today. That hilarious, ironic fact must stay alive. Thus, Tom Brady and the Patriots, please win today in Kansas City.

The comparison I gave to Adam Malnati on the most recent MHR Radio Podcast puts it in great perspective.

Would you rather drink spoiled milk (the Patriots) and just stomach the horrible after taste for a few minutes before you wash it out with water? Or do you chug untreated water from Mexico (the Chiefs) knowing full well what happens after you do? As someone who has experienced Montezuma’s Revenge, I can tell you firsthand that you want none of that. If you’re rooting for the Chiefs today, you’re willingly drinking untreated Mexican water. Sure, it seems harmless now, but pretty soon you’ll regret it when Chiefs Kingdom gets even worse and then wins the Super Bowl.

Just like rotten milk, we know what we get with Tom Brady and the Patriots. It’s rank and makes your toes curl. But just like spoiled milk, the bad taste of another New England Super Bowl goes away; especially if it loses again. The whole notion of the Chiefs winning the Lamar Hunt Trophy for the first time and going to the Super Bowl for the first time in close to 50 years will serve as the “gift” that keeps on giving. Broncos fans who rooted for FUKC will want to take it back but won’t be able to because they’ll be stuck on a toilet. You’ll have what I call (Patrick) Mahomes’ Revenge.

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