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Reason #15: Steve Atwater is a 2-time Super Bowl Champion

Atwater was an integral part of two Super Bowl-winning defenses.

The 27-in-27 countdown continues with Steve Atwater being a two-time Super Bowl Champion. He showed his championship drive in his first year in the NFL, as a major contributor to the Denver Broncos when they made the Super Bowl in the 1989 season.

As his career continued, Atwater eventually found is way back to the Super Bowl at the close of his career. Super Bowl XXXII may have been the best game of his career. His strip sack of Brett Favre set the tone of the game. He closed out his performance in that game with a bone-crunching hit when the Green Bay Packers were attempting to mount a comeback.

Super Bowl XXXIII was the final game for Atwater with the Broncos. He ended his career on a high note with the franchise. The Broncos blew out the Atlanta Falcons. Atwater and his teammates were back-to-back world champions.

Put this on the list of what makes Steve Atwater a true hall of famer.

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