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Should the Broncos imitate the Patriots in some ways?

As they say, “if you ain’t cheatin, you ain’t tryin”. Should the Denver Broncos try harder to test the limits of rules?

Yay we get to watch another Super Bowl with the Tom Brady, Bill Belichick Patriots. Makes me want to vomit just writing that sentence.

What a terrible game we had to watch on Sunday night. In pure football terms it was exciting and interesting and full of drama but it just made me ill imagining either side coming out victorious. Still, you have to look in awe at what the New England team has done over the past 19 years and hope and pray that the Broncos can somehow find similar success.

This is easier said than done of course and building a dynasty requires a lot of things to go right. You need the coach, the QB and a culture that is respected enough to attract top talent to join your club. Apparently though, this isn’t enough and you also need either a great deal of luck or a great deal of cheating in order to go to AFC Championship game 13 times in 19 years.

If the Broncos have the next “evil genius” coach in the NFL and are a team that at least until recently was highly regarded by players and coaches alike, they are left with only needing to bring in a QB and either get lucky or cheat.

Should the Broncos follow the shady example of Belichick and do anything and everything to gain the upper hand?

When the Patriots are winning year after year and constantly playing in the Super Bowl, many people seem to forget their sordid past. Few in the media seem to mention that this is a team that has been caught cheating on several occasions and have undoubtedly gotten away with plenty of other schemes that are either not allowed or at the very least unethical.

Should the Broncos hire spies to infiltrate the oppnents’ sidlines? Get some top notch cameras to steal signals? Deflate footballs? Mess with radio signals so the opposing QB can’t hear play calls? Pay off some officials?

All I can say is, go Rams!

By the way, in the podcast (found at thet top of the article) we talk about Sunday’s games a bit but more importantly we discuss how the Broncos can find a way in 2019 to also be in a position to break some hearts in the Championship game.

Many thanks to Luke Short for his “Fan rant” and anyone who wants to be a part of the Broncos & Bratwurst podcast should leave me a nice comment and tell me what you want to rant about next week!

Also a huge shoutout to Angela St. Clair for the awesome Broncos and Bratwurst logo, I love it!


How should the Broncos imitate the Patriots?

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    Draft a HOF 6th round QB
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    Create a winning/no nonsense culture
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