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How are Broncos fans watching the Pro Bowl?

We know you’ll probably have it on even though you said you won’t watch.

Unfortunately, there are Denver Broncos playing in the Pro Bowl this year. Sure, the format is tired and the football lackluster at best, but darn it, technically, with Chris Harris Jr., Von Miller, and Casey Kreiter playing on Sunday, there is Broncos football to be played! It’s okay to watch. It’s even okay to lie and say that you won’t watch and then flip the television on for the Pro Bowl to just be on in the background while you do something else. Laurie promised to wear her Von Miller jersey, Jess is going to schedule his day around watching, and Tim may even make his award winning seven-layer dip. What are you going to do?

In this week’s Something Something Broncos podcast, Laurie, Jess, and Tim cover not just the Pro Bowl, but take a stab at understanding the Senior Bowl, look at Johnny Bowlen’s Brittany Spears-esque internet immolation, and take a hilarious look back at ‘The Drive’ and the 2005 AFC Divisional game.

For those that haven’t listened before, Something Something Broncos is a light-hearted, fan-driven sideshow that will make you laugh. If you like it, recommend it to a friend. If you hate it, recommend it to that annoying person at work you can’t stand.