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Could some Broncos players help the Rams beat the Patriots?

Imagine a world where player loans take place in the NFL. It could be a key to handing the Patriots a Super Bowl loss.

With the Super Bowl upon us, all of Broncos Country is a member of team FYTB. But Ian St. Clair and I made our Super Bowl predictions on the MHR Radio Podcast anyway. We were split on who we thought would lift the Lombardi trophy. Ian thinks the Patriots win again, while I have faith that the Rams can pull out a victory.

That being said, Ian had an interesting plan to guarantee success for the Rams. It’s unorthodox, and it takes a page out of a different kind of football, but it just might work. Player loans.

With Aaron Donald and Ndamukong Suh rushing up the middle, the Rams are formidable up front. However, their edge rushers might be their weakness. Imagine Wade Phillips getting Von Miller back for just one game. Give him the chance to work with Bradley Chubb just for the Super Bowl.

What about giving Chris Harris Jr. a shot at getting out on the field one more time this season. It might help alleviate any pass interference calls that could possibly get called in the Super Bowl.

While we are at it, let’s suit up DeMarcus Ware. Bring Malik Jackson back. Player loans seem to work in soccer, so why not the NFL?

Phillips has experience taking down Tom Brady-led offenses. If there is a defensive coordinator that can slow the Patriots offense down, it’s Wade.

Almost every NFL fan is rooting for the Rams. Anything that we can do to hand Brady, Bill Belichick, and the rest of the Patriots another Super Bowl loss is worth it.