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No, John Elway isn’t looking to trade Von Miller

Fortunately, John Elway isn’t an idiot like some teams. No interest in trading their best player in Von Miller.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Update: Original story referenced Broncos Wire as the source of the controversy, but it started with a screenshot from Bleacher Report.

Some unpleasantness erupted on Friday when some comments from John Elway out of context and suggested the Denver Broncos might be open to trading their best player in Von Miller.

That led Von Miller’s mom to go on an Elway rant on Instagram that was predictably deleted later once someone got her to read beyond the headline. Due to the fallout, Elway clarified that he has no intention to move forward with any discussion of a trade involving Von Miller.

I’ve already gone on about how much I hate the trade Von movement from 104.3 The Fan, so to see this all play out was a bit of a relief. Enough with this insanity! Von isn’t going anywhere.

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