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The Broncos coaching search appears to be little more than musical chairs.

When the music stops, who will the Broncos get?

With Mike Munchak, Brian Flores, Vic Fangio, Zac Taylor, and Chuck Pagano comprising the breadth of the Denver Broncos’ shortlist for head coach, Laurie, Jess, and Tim can’t help but notice some overlap between the lists of other teams in search of a coach.

None of these names may be sexy, but as days pass, it’s increasingly looking like Denver could end up with one them. The question is, will the Broncos get their choice or end up with whomever they can get?

In this week’s Something Something Broncos podcast, we take a humorous look at the coaching search drama, the lackluster 2018 season, the Hall of Fame announcements, and show a lot of love for Steve Atwater.