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Report: Broncos have blocked two teams from interviewing Gary Kubiak

The Denver Broncos do not want to lose Gary Kubiak and intend to find a role for him with the team.

NFL: Denver Broncos-Minicamp Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Back in November, a report came out that Gary Kubiak wanted to return to coaching as an offensive coordinator in 2019. After serving as a Senior Personnel Adviser with the Denver Broncos the last two seasons, the itch to coach again has returned for Kubiak.

While it was believed that the Broncos would support this move, Adam Schefter reported on Sunday that the team has actually blocked all interview requests thus far.

Both the Atlanta Falcons and Cincinnati Bengals have requested permission to interview Kubiak, who currently works as a senior personnel adviser with the Broncos, for their offensive coordinator jobs.

But Denver plans to keep Kubiak, according to sources, and would like him to work with whomever the Broncos hire as their next head coach, if that hire is open to that arrangement.

This plan appears to align with previous reports that Kubiak is actually in line for the Broncos offensive coordinator position or some other role that will work closely with that position. It would seem that whoever takes the head coaching job is going to need to accept a role for Kubiak on his staff.

As a fan, I like the idea of Kubiak remaining with the team in whatever role he wants. It would seem he played a major role in the Broncos 2018 NFL Draft class, so keeping him around to help out again in future drafts feels like it would pay off big time.