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Are the Denver Broncos testing the limits of fan loyalty?

Agitation appears to be setting in.

Denver Broncos Fans Watch Super Bowl XLVIII Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

One full week removed from the 2018 regular season, Broncos fans have plenty to be concerned and even irritated with. With no coach, rumors about legendary players on the roster, pending ownership lawsuits, and the lack of a stadium name, there’s no shortage of topics to sound off on.

Make no mistake, I was front and center calling for Vance Joseph’s firing weeks ago. However, faced with the options publicly presented, I’m not at all thrilled with any of the candidates. Sure, I can winnow the list down by measuring whom I dislike the least, but is that really where we are as Broncos fans? I sincerely hope that whomever John Elway picks, he realizes that it’s on this coach his security as general manager hinges. Mike Munchak? That’s the guy that Elway is likely hitching his legacy to?

All this crapola about trading Von Miller has made this week an annoying one. John Elway’s press conference comments aside (in context or out), there is no benefit to trading Von Miller. As we discussed in the Something Something Broncos podcast, Denver doesn’t need to dump salary for the cap. There’s nobody short of Aaron Rodgers that would be worth trading him for. Further, if you wanted to move him for draft picks, the end result would be a net loss in talent because no matter who Denver drafted, there production would would never match Millers, mostly because you don’t just replace Von Freakin’ Miller. No matter how much you hope, lighting never strikes twice with generational talent. Just ask the [wherever they end up playing] Raiders. There is no upside to moving Von... or Chris Harris. Period.

Joe Ellis is a member of the three-person trust that oversees his stewardship of the Denver Broncos. Joe Ellis will never willingly declare a new owner because that means his tenure with Denver is no longer infinitely open-ended as it is now. As it sits, he has no boss and is going to do whatever he can to preserve his high paying gig with no oversight. Can you imagine scheduling an appointment with yourself for your annual performance review? Must be nice! Only a fool would believe that what’s in the best interest of Joe Ellis the person is in lock-step with the best interests of the Denver Broncos. Beth? Brittany? I don’t care which Bowlen heir assumes ownership. All I know is that Joe Ellis’ conflict of interest in this dispute isn’t right.

To that end, where is the stadium sponsor? While I would love Denver to buck the trend and go back to calling it just Mile High Stadium, the revenue generated by the naming rights goes back into stadium upgrades. By not securing a company to shoulder those upgrade costs, we as Broncos fans lose out. Is it any surprise that the stadium with no sponsor ranked 2nd to last among NFL stadiums regarding health inspections of stadium concessions?” Food safety isn’t some hit or miss game of chance. There are actual guidelines set forth by the health department that are easily obtained. To not follow them isn’t anomalous negligence, it’s greedy laziness. No fan should be in danger of barfing their $8 hot dog onto your $220 officially licensed Broncos gear because the dude at the register wasn’t able wash his hands with hot water.

In a few weeks, Pat Bowlen is going to likely get the nod for enshrinement to the pro football hall of fame. Is this shambling mess the postscript to his incredible legacy? Mouse droppings in an area of the main kitchen? No accountability for senior management? A player’s mother’s sounding off on social media? Thing’s need to get right in Denver. I know Broncos fans are some of the most optimistic fans in football, but it looks as though fandom is being taken for granted.

Thing’s need to get right in Denver.


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