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The Broncos are quietly in a full rebuild

Could 0-4 actually be a good thing for the Denver Broncos?

The Denver Broncos as we see them now will be very different in 2020 and 2021.

The defense especially will be completely blown up in the coming years as some of the beloved veterans head to different pastures and the group is built in Vic Fangio’s image (e.g an NFL caliber ILB). Since we all knew that 2019 wasn’t going to bring us a playoff appearance, the 0-4 start could actually be a good thing in that it will force Elway to fully realize a rebuild rather than half-***ing it like he has for the past three-plus years.

It’s not all doom and gloom and I actually get quite giddy when imagining Drew Lock and his mobility in this offense. Sadly I think that Sanders will (and should) be traded by the time the rookie gets a chance to play but there are still some really great pieces that could boost his chances of success.

Rich Scangarello’s scheme has really been quite good as a whole and the players appear to grasp it better and better with each week. Joe Flacco has led them on what should have been a game-winning drive in two of the four losses and I really think the team has something special in the young Offensive Coordinator. Since he has some very good, young talent to work with, I see this as a group that will improve with each game and could potentially be even more explosive with Drew Lock under center - emphasis on potentially.

As far as the defense goes, they’re just not as good as we expected or hoped. Maybe Vance Joseph wasn’t the ONLY problem (ahem - you can pat me on the back in the comments) and perhaps Todd Davis isn’t the guy who can save the team. Honestly, they look soft, confused and lacking leadership. I’ve said that since the preseason and I’ve been hammered for it since August but my negativity is appearing to be simply speaking truth, something that I will continue to do no matter what direction the Broncos go.

It’s time for a rebuild but fortunately, one side of the ball is already headed in the right direction.

In this week’s Broncos and Bratwurst podcast we discuss the team, its weaknesses and just exactly why the 0-4 start is actually a good thing. Give it a listen!


0-4 is:

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    Terrible, losing always stinks
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    Whatever, this team isn’t good
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    Good, better opportunity to rebuild
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