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Broncos need to get back to the fundamentals to stop the run

Steve Atwater gives his take on Denver’s porous run defense against the Jaguars.

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Legendary Broncos safety Steve Atwater did not like what he saw from the team on Sunday. He joins Ryan Edwards and Benjamin Allbright on Broncos Country Tonight on KOA Radio to discuss.

One of the things that he mentioned specifically was guys not flying around to the ball, poor tackling, and a need to get back to the fundamentals to shore up the run defense. Fortunately, he thinks the issues we saw are fixable this week, it’s just going to take a concerted effort on the part of the players and coaching staff to correct.

Fangio mentioned it after the game when asked what went wrong in the second half against the Jaguars:

“Everything. They were blocking us good up front, we were missing tackles out of the secondary—corners and safeties at times. Basically, we were just getting blocked and the good back had some room and some softness to run through, and he did. Our run defense went south pretty much starting with the second drive in the second half.”

After taking a quick peek at the tape (full breakdown coming later), it really wasn’t a glaring schematic issue or anything special the Jaguars were doing to move the ball. Denver just missed way too many tackles and didn’t play sound in their gaps on a few plays. Will Parks was the primary offender from what I saw, which lines up with Fangio calling out the secondary for missed tackles.

Hopefully the Broncos make the necessary corrections this week before taking on Melvin Gordon and the Chargers.