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FanPulse: Winning a game feels pretty good

The Denver Broncos finally won a game and that feels pretty damn good. FanPulse results agree.

What a difference a win makes.

Confidence completely collapsed after the Chicago Bears game and hit one of the lowest marks since we began these FanPulse polls a little over a year ago at 14%. Well, all it took was one road win against the Los Angeles Chargers for fans to have a little faith restored in their Denver Broncos.

We now stand at 46% in fan confidence, which was quite the boost.

On the Something Something Broncos podcast this morning, I told Laurie and Jess that winning just feels good and that’s why half of us woke up on Monday and voted “YES” on the confidence poll. Three days later, maybe some of us are moving back to the meh section, but don’t! The Broncos are going to win another this weekend. I also said they’ll beat the Kansas City Chiefs next week too, so I’m definitely bringing the optimism today.

The game itself will come down to two things. The Broncos running the ball effectively and stopping the run effectively. Marcus Mariota tends to crumble when the team needs him to carry, so that should be the goal for the Broncos defense.

How confident are you in the Broncos right now and do you think they’ll win on Sunday?