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My Ultimate DFS Fantasy team for Week 7

The Denver Broncos defense won us some $ last week and a Denver player will do so again this week!

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Arizona Cardinals Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Is there anything like the pure joy of winning in DFS against hundreds of other opponents? No matter the amount, it still feels like the father from ‘A Christmas Story’ who is overjoyed at having won a grand prize that turns out to be a hideous leg-lamp. It’s the sheer fact of a prize and the pride of accomplishment that sends warm shivers down our spines...

We can thank the Denver Broncos Defense (among others) for a great lineup that won some dough last week and hopefully another Bronco will propell us to greater heights in week 7. We had been so close in weeks past that it was bound to happen sooner rather than later and now that we have one win under our belts and enjoy the taste of the blood of our fantasy opponents, let’s destroy some folks!

Lineups are taken from who may ban us if we continue to be so awesome.

QB - Kyler Murray

The kid has been extremely consistent (something we did get wrong at the beginning of the season) and absolutely should not slow down this week against the New York Giants. They have a bad team and the worst pass defense in football. Murray finds ways to make big plays and he could go bonkers this week.

RB - Phillip Lindsay

The guy is so good and his hair so perfect that he is bound for brilliance. He’s running behind his football husband - Andy Janovich - and against the 30th ranked run defense. The Broncos will do everything they possibly can to keep the ball out of Mahome’s hands and Lindsay will get to touch the rock a lot. This could be his biggest game of the year and the local kid could win the biggest game in four years for the franchise!

RB - Frank Gore

The ageless wonder has had some big games this season and well, he is facing the Miami Dolphins. Buffalo may not have a great offense but they should see some success against the Dolphins and will almost surely give Gore some chances at the goal-line. Is it too cheesy to say it will be a “Gore-fest”?

WR - Brandin Cooks

Along with the rest of the the L.A Rams, Cooks has not blown us away in 2019 as the vastly overpayed Jared Goff is showing to be exactly what we thought he was - a product of his coaches’ genius. Still, the Atlanta Falcons cure many ills, send out the 31st ranked defense in the NFL and are closer to tanking that competing. Rams will be desperate and Cooks will fry up some yummy stuff this weekend.

WR - Michael Gallup

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The Cowboys will look to gallop (giggle) past the 29th ranked pass defense in the NFL in a must-win game against a division rival. Though his QB is nothing special - and hoping to be overpayed like Goff - they will find some success this week against Philly. He’s underrated and still affordable. Do it.

WR - D.J. Chark

Another receiver that we have run with on multiple occasions and we have yet had reason to regret it. Cinci is another team that’s just straight bad and the connection between Chark and Minshew is pure brilliance. The main question is, when they write up plays for DJ, is it called the “Charkboard”?


TE - Hunter Henry

Phillip Rivers loves him some Tight Ends and Henry proved to have come back fully healthy with a big game on Sunday. Look for that to continue and take advantage of an amazingly low price on a very talented and oft-targeted player.

FLEX - Austin Ekeler

As we saw last week, the Titans’ run defense leaves a lot to be desired and they seem to be a team that is on the verge of a total meltdown. They have a fairly young coach, a bad QB situation and have been drowning in whelmingness for as long as anyone can remember. Melvin Gordon hasn’t done bunk since coming back and it’s likely that the Chargers will start to feed the little man from Colorado yet again. He’s still averaging 22.5 ppg after all.

DST - Buffalo Bills

They play Miami and the Bills defense is a talented squad. Emphasis on playing Miami.