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The Broncos have a blueprint to beat the Chiefs

Vic Fangio need look no further than the New England Patriots and Bill Belichick for a plan that works against the Kansas City Chiefs.

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Broncos Country is filled with hope right now. After the abysmal 0-4 start Vic Fangio has his team in a winning mood. Now, after two wins in a row, an AFC West division rival comes to Mile High Stadium. There is only one question to ask, can the Broncos beat the Chiefs on Thursday night?

The answer seems to be yes. On the MHR Radio Podcast (Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify) Ian St Clair and I went over the ways that Denver could come away with a win. The obvious answers centered around controlling the clock, and running the football on offense. It also included the fact that the Chiefs are a bit of a MASH unit right now.

One thing that also has to be considered is the defensive blue print. Let’s all agree that we don’t like anything about the New England Patriots. That being said, Bill Belichick has apparently figured out a defensive formula for containing the explosive offense of Kansas City and Patrick Mahomes. Vic Fangio is likely to take a page from Belichick’s book heading into the primetime matchup.

I’m sure we all remember Belichick using Vic Fangio’s defensive blueprint to contain the Los Angeles Rams in the Super Bowl. The Broncos head coach will have a chance to return the favor. Belichick showed the way when it comes to the best way to contain all the weapons that the Chiefs put on the field.

One of the biggest concerns heading into the game will be the Broncos ability to contain Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill. The way that the defense has shown up the last two weeks should give fans confidence that the team is ready to go. Couple all that with the fact that Kansas City is banged up, and that Vic Fangio is fully capable of utilizing a trusted game plan against them, and the addition adds up to a potential win.

Obviously, it will be all about execution on the field, and the offense will have to exploit the defensive deficiencies that plague the Chiefs right now, but there is a big difference in the direction these two teams are headed. While Kansas City is on a two-game losing streak, the Broncos have put together two wins in a row. The Broncos and Chiefs are like two ships passing in the night, one sputtering and taking on water, while the other is gaining speed.

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