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Chiefs at Broncos score predictions: Can Denver keep hope alive?

The Denver Broncos can keep hope alive in their 2019 season with a win over the Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday Night Football.

Tennessee Titans v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Despite their 2-4 record, the Denver Broncos are surging and have a chance to change the course of their 2019 season completely with a home win over the Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday Night Football this week. Hope is returning, but it will be short lived with Denver comes out of this with their fifth loss of the season.

The hope is also evident in the fans. Here at Mile High Report, we we were almost unanimous on the results collectively predicting the Broncos winning this game 23-21.

Here is how we think things will go down individually.

Broncos 26, Chiefs 23

On the SSB podcast, we tried to one-up each other on these predictions and since I got to go last I went with that 26-23 win with the Chiefs missing a field goal at the end of the game to give Denver the win. As fun as that would be, I doubt it would go down that way. The Broncos need to score touchdowns, but if they can keep the Chiefs from scoring touchdowns too we could see a final score like this. The entire 2019 season rides on this game for Denver, so I’ve got to predict a win here. This is their “Super Bowl”. Their first “Super Bowl” of many if they want to make a run in a season where they began with four straight losses. - Tim Lynch

Broncos 20, Chiefs 16

I will never pick KC to beat the Broncos. Ever. But if the predictions were made three weeks ago, even though I would have picked Denver, I wouldn’t have believed it. It’s amazing how it can turn around. Now, as Adam and I talked about on the MHR Radio Podcast, we actually believe it. The ridiculous seven-game losing streak to the Chiefs ends on Thursday Night Football. - Ian St. Clair

Broncos 24, Chiefs 21

The near and distant future for this team likely hinges on this game against the Chiefs. The bad news is that KC has a great QB and a great coach, the good news is that their defense is terrible, they’re really banged up and they’re playing at Mile High. I actually have a good feeling about this game and my gut says that backed by an insane home crowd and a beast performance from one of the household names (likely Lindsay), they win this all-important game. Broncos shock the world and send KC on a three-game skid with a 24-21 victory. - Kevin Gillikin

Chiefs 24, Broncos 20

Travis Kelce is the big hero for the Chiefs with a couple of critical catches to get the Chiefs off the snide. Broncos Country is in turmoil after Joe Flacco gives the ball away in ugly fashion, ruining a huge day from the running backs. The “Local Airwaves” after the game begin the Drew Lock chatter in earnest. - Joe Rowles

Broncos 20, Chiefs 17


Rich Scangarello buckles Offense down and plays old school run the ball football. Lindsay and Freeman combine for 175 yards rushing. Broncos Defense registers 3 sacks and a turnover. Broncos put the league on notice and make Mahomes ankle much more sore. - Luke Patterson

Broncos 27, Chiefs 23

If the offense can convert on third down and sustain drives, the Broncos win this game. The Titans are the 3rd best team in the league at stopping conversions on 3rd down (27.6%) after holding the Broncos 2-14 on Sunday. KC is no where near as good (17th - 40.8% allowed). Our tackling has been good in the past two games and it will be critical this game as Mahomes leads the league with 1037 YAC (yards after catch) from his receivers. With 48 missed tackles so far this season the Broncos are T-24th. We will need our RZ defense to stay strong. Right now the Broncos have the 3rd best RZ scoring defense having only allowed TDs on 8 of 19 opponent RZ trips (42.1%). KC’s D has been good (8th - 50%), but they have allowed the most RZ trips in the league so far at 28. I say DEN wins 27-23 with one of those TDs coming from our defense or special teams. - Joe Mahoney

Broncos 27, Chiefs 24

The offense has a chance to really control the game. Kansas City’s defense struggles against the run, so badly that Phillip Lindsay and Royce Freeman will have big opportunities to make an impact on the game. The Broncos offense should be able to exploit this defensive deficiencies and put points on the board. As for the defense, it appears that personnel issues, and scheme are falling into place. If Mahomes is struggling with an ankle injury, catching him on a short week can only be an advantage. The Chiefs are on a two game skid while Denver is coming off two big wins. The trend continues for both teams in a close one. - Adam Malnati

Broncos 24, Chiefs 20

Emphasizing the pass rush against Mahomes is usually a futile gesture, but with KC’s offensive line in bad shape and the QB himself dealing with a sore ankle, forcing him to move around might work to the Broncos’ advantage just this once. With the defense coming together in the last two weeks, and turnovers coming as part of that, it will be interesting to see whether Andy Reid can scheme his receivers wide open often enough to beat the suddenly ball hungry Broncos secondary.

On the offensive side for Denver the ground-happy, sub-30 passes offense of the last two weeks should be just the right formula to exploit a terrible Chiefs run defense and keep the Broncos’ offense on the field and scoring points. The Chiefs surrendered a nearly 2-to-1 difference in time of possession in each of their recent losses, and that’s no coincidence. They’re a team built to win shootouts, so one of the better ways to counter them is to keep their opportunities to a minimum and prevent a shootout in the first place. A lot depends on inexperienced guys like Duke Dawson and Davontae Harris, but if they can step up to the challenge the Broncos can win this game. - Taylor Kothe

Broncos 23, Chiefs 20

You know what ya little shits, I’ll join the club and predict a win. If a team led by Vance Joseph and Case Keenum can come an accurate pass to a WIDE OPEN DEMARYIUS THOMAS IN THE END ZONE late in the 4th quarter away from beating the Chiefs at home, this team can certainly do the same.

ESTABLISH THE RUN, AND KEEP ESTABLISHING IT. Feed Lindsay and Freeman all game and work that play-action passing attack at the right times. Eat the clock and keep Mahomes ass on the sideline. Speaking of Mahomes, make sure they have to work on his bum ankle a few times throughout this game. I’m not wishing injury on him(Yes I am) but make sure he’s feeling it during and after the game.

Broncos upset the Chiefs and move right back into the AFC West conversation. All you negative Nancy’s who said this team was done and was already looking at the draft after starting 0-4 will just look silly. - Scotty Payne

Give us your Broncos-Chiefs score predictions in the comments section below.