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FanPulse: Broncos fans feeling a lot more hopeful after back-to-back wins

The Denver Broncos have won back-to-back games with impressive defense, which has many fans feeling a lot more confident in the team heading into Week 7.

Confidence is soaring in Broncos Country this Week. We’re up to 59% after hitting rock bottom just two weeks ago at 14%. That’s what happens when a team shows off a dominant defense that allowed no offensive touchdowns in two straight games en route to back-to-back victories.

The real test begins tonight on Thursday Night Football as the Denver Broncos host the dangerous offense of the Kansas City Chiefs. A win there and Denver will be looking at potentially getting on a good run after starting the season 0-4.

On the Something Something Broncos podcast, Laurie, Jess, and I talked about how quickly the Broncos turned things around on defense and how they might be able to slay the 800 pound gorilla that is the Chiefs under Patrick Mahomes insane abilities. We think there is a chance. We have hope. Now the Broncos just have to go out and prove that hope was well placed.

How will you feel about this Broncos team if they come out with a victory tonight over the Chiefs? I’ll actually start thinking playoffs if they do, because the run would be on at that point.