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0 winners, 11 losers from the Broncos loss to KC

Welcome back to the “world of suck,” Broncos Country. At least we don’t have to watch the Broncos on Sunday.

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We were had by fool’s gold.

After a two-game winning streak brought hope back, the Denver Broncos found a way outdo themselves in the embarrassment quotient on national TV. Now, instead of hope and the season alive after a big win, Broncos Country is back to the “world of suck.” Only it’s worse than one could imagine after that 30-6 Broncos (2-5 overall, 1-2 AFC West) turd fest to the Kansas City Chiefs (5-2, 2-0).

As I told Adam Malnati on the MHR Radio Podcast (Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify), this game now takes over as the most embarrassing in recent memory (and there’s plenty to choose from). Every person who has been affiliated with this franchise should be ashamed and embarrassed at what has happened and how bad it has gotten.

The lone positive, as Mark Schlereth tweeted after the game, at least we don’t have to watch this crap on Sunday.

Per the usual, I’m bound to forget someone or leave them off, so please mention them in the comments.


Not a single person deserves to go on this list after Thursday night.


Joe Ellis

There are two people responsible for this mess, and since Ellis is the de facto owner, he’s one of them. Does he have the gumption to make the tough moves required from a person in his position? Based on the fact we’re still here, it would indicate that he does not.

John Elway

Around this time last year, I said the moment has come to move on from Elway. Here we are again. I gave the Broncos legend the benefit of the doubt and granted him another chance, and that’s on me. Elway needs to go. As the man responsible for the product on the field, he must be held accountable for the embarrassment the nation had to sit through and the “world of suck” the Broncos have been mired in for over three seasons.

Joe Flacco

At least we can end the “elite” debate. The one positive thing to come out from Thursday night: We know for certain that Drew Lock will be one of the two players to come off IR for Denver.

Garett Bolles

Former Broncos offensive lineman Tyler Polumbus said it best: “How has this been allowed to go on for so long?” If Elway is still holding out hope Bolles will figure this out, it’s another reason he needs to go. Though Elway does tend to hold onto his bad draft picks too long.

Noah Fant

Rookie tight ends usually get the benefit of the doubt given how difficult the position is to learn. But when you drop three passes, you get none.

The Broncos defense

When Patrick Mahomes went out with his dislocated knee, the Chiefs were leading 10-6. Matt Moore proceeds to come in and score 13 of the 20-unanswered points. To make matters worse — he told James Palmer he had zero reps prior to playing on Thursday.

Vic Fangio

Given he puts the defensive plan together, this showing is on him. As I asked Adam on the podcast, imagine how bad it would have gotten had Mahomes not gotten injured? Then you throw in the questionable decisions to go for the two-point conversation and WTF was that fake punt?

Tom McMahon

Welcome back to the “teams,” where the only thing “special” is how awful they are.

Colby Wadman

Add punter to the list of players this team needs. Holy smokes was Wadman bad.

Brandon McManus

McMoney went to the bank to cash his check and it bounced.

Broncos Country

For this generation of fans, this is uncharted territory. You have to go back to the 1960s to find a time the Broncos were this bad. Denver is stuck in a world of suck, and it, well, sucks.

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