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Who should the Broncos look to trade with the deadline coming up?

Are the Broncos at the point of a fire sale?

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos
The Broncos are listening to offers for Emmanuel Sanders, but he may not be the only one.
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN’s Adam Schefter confirmed on Sunday what KOA’s Benjamin Allbright has been saying for a while now - teams have approached the Denver Broncos about Emmanuel Sanders.

Then Allbright reported on Monday that the Houston Texans inquired about Chris Harris Jr.

With the Broncos sitting at 2-5 and the Indianapolis Colts up next, it’s become clear Elway is listening and looking to deal.

And that got the writers at Mile High Report wondering:

Who should be dealt?

Taylor Kothe: Emmanuel Sanders is the easy answer, of course. Whether he’s truly disgruntled, the talented veteran receiver is on an expiring contract and is exactly the kind of guy who could help a team reach, and compete in, the postseason.

Tim Lynch: Packers and 49ers make the most sense for Emmanuel Sanders. As much as it pains me to say it, the Broncos would likely be wise to move Sanders now and get some value. If they can get a third rounder or better, then it would be a major win for Denver. As for Chris Harris Jr, I just can’t. Please don’t. If there were ever a Ring of Fame type player you would want to keep around a “year too long” it would be Chris freaking Harris.

Taylor: Seconding Tim in regard to Chris Harris. Whether it’s the logically reasonable thing to do or not, he’s my favorite Bronco, and I hate the idea of trading him. With the state of the rest of the CB group, I think there’s a good argument for keeping him through the season anyway.

Ian St. Clair: No one should be off the table at this point.

Adam Malnati: If you’ve been a Denver Bronco since the 2015 season and you aren’t named Von Miller, you should be on the trading block. Pretty much any veteran not named Von needs to be a potential trade piece.

Joe Mahoney: The coaching staff has had enough time and seen enough from Isaac Yiadom to know that he doesn’t have “it.” So if you have any ideas about having a competitive CB group in 2020, you need to not only keep CHJ, but pay the man. I’d say keep him and Von as the rocks upon which you are going to build your defense for 2020 and the next few years after at least. Our 2020 defense would have Von Miller, Kareem Jackson, Bryce Callahan, Chris Harris Jr. (if we re-sign him), Alexander Johnson, Todd Davis, DeMarcus Walker, Duke Dawson and all of the 2019 rookies. I’d happily pay CHJ market value to keep him around in 2020 and beyond so he could not only mentor the young CB(s) that we will draft in 2020, but also so that he could retire a Bronco.

Laurie Volkman: I’m going to admit right now that I hate my answer. But at this point, I really do think the better option for the team - and even for the coach - is to be open to trading any veteran that Elway doesn’t plan to pay what he’s worth (and that sadly includes Chris Harris Jr.). I do not believe in “tanking” because that implies a purposeful plan to lose. But I think this franchise is at the point of needing to suffer through true rebuilding and so seeing which of the young guys, which of the developing guys, which of the back-ups are worth holding onto is going to be very valuable moving forward. I am okay with being patient enough to let Fangio build a winning team, but that has to mean actual “building” by Elway and not just “holding on to some vets while throwing in some rookies or mediocre starters and crossing your fingers.” We’ve seen that strategy every season since the Super Bowl and it’s not a strategy. It’s a disaster.

What do you think Broncos Country?