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My Ultimate DFS Fantasy lineup for Week 8

This week promises to be insane as ever and we are going to take some big risks to get some big rewards.

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, so Phillip Lindsay didn’t help us out last week against the Chiefs, and the lineup fizzled out like a damp sparkler. This week we are going to go for the home run and try to pick a lineup of long-shots that will make us rich.

The lineup is taken from

QB - Ryan Tannehill

The guy came in for the Titans last week and was an immediate improvement over the “meh” Mariota. He was getting the ball out quickly and had a solid game against a pretty good Charger defense. This week he faces the 32nd ranked Tampa Bay pass defense and could keep things rolling at home. The offense actually has some good weapoons and that could become more noticeable now that they have a decent QB. Also, Tannehill is cheap as heck.

RB - Josh Jacobs

The Oakland RB has been a darling of mine since before the season and he continues each week to get more touches and to show why he was a first-round draft pick. He’s shown signs of being an elite runner and is part of a good offensive scheme run by Chucky. He is facing a good Houston rush defense and thus is a bit of a risk but I think the guy will touch the ball enough to find some success.

RB - Marlon Mack

I have a bad feeling about this week, guys and gals. The Broncos could either rally as a team after that humiliating loss to the Chiefs or they could totally collapse in on themselves like a black hole of suck. My guess is that the team comes out deflated and shell-shocked (I hope I’m wrong) and Mack is the beneficiary of the fact. He has been the ultimate boom or bust this season and this week it’s likely to be the former.

WR - Tyler Lockett

Okay, this isn’t a reach. Russel Wilson and the Seahawks should eat the Atlanta defense for dinner and Lockett will likely take advantage. The guy could have a huge game as Atlanta belly-flops into the tepid water of tanking.

WR - Courtland Sutton

The guy earned my respect as a rookie and is quickly becoming my favorite Bronco due to his talent on the field and his work ethic and personality off it. The Indy pass defense is bottom half of the league and since Joe - I quit on my team - Flacco will still be QB, there’s little doubt that Sutton will be on the receiving end of some closed-eyes chucks down the field.

WR - Kenny Stills

He hasn’t been too special this year but is still averaging over 10 points per game and will become the No. 2 WR since Will Fuller is out with a hammy injury. The Oakland pass defense is nearly the worst in the NFL and y’all know how much I love Deshaun Watson.

TE - Hunter Henry

The guy has come back in a big way for Rivers and the Chargers and is averaging the most points per game for a TE when he’s been healthy. He’s also relatively affordable and should continue to get a heck-ton of targets from his QB.

FLEX - Michael Thomas

He’s the leading point scorer among receivers this season and is facing a bad Arizona defense. We had a lot of money leftover and thus only makes sense to spend it on a guy who just never ever seems to disappoint no matter who is throwing to him.

DST - Seattle Seahawks

They’re likely going to face Matt Schaub due to Matt Ryan’s bum ankle, and Schaub is guaranteed a pick-six in every game he plays. The Seahawk D is not what it once was but Seahawks could really take advantage of their matchup this week against the lowly Falcons.