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Broncos-Colts score predictions: No hope left for Denver?

Not a lot of people think the Denver Broncos have any shot against the Indianapolis Colts. In fact, many are thinking another multi-score blowout in coming.

When the Denver Broncos take the field, they will have ten long days to think about the debacle they suffered on Thursday Night Football. It won’t get any easier this week as they are on the road against the 4-2 Indianapolis Colts who just stymied the team that pounded the Broncos for a win a few weeks ago.

That is a recipe for a lot of bad predictions this week from our Mile High Report staff. Only one of us thinks the Broncos can win and only then just barely. Collectively, we expect another blowout loss with the Colts whipping the Broncos 26-14.

Here is how we think things go down individually.

Broncos 27, Colts 24

We’ll start with the hope here, because this is the only one we have today. In the NFL the saying goes “Any Given Sunday” and that is exactly what we saw last week when the Broncos came out on dominated the Tennessee Titans then four days later laid a giant egg against the Chiefs. Having covered this team every year for the better part of the last decade, I’d like to think I can tell when a team has given up and is just mouthing the words or when a team hasn’t given up and has a bit of determination left. I’m still feeling the latter.

While they may not actually win this week, I do expect the Broncos to be competitive against the Colts and it should be a lot closer than most people think. I said as much on this week’s SSB podcast too. - Tim Lynch

Colts 27, Broncos 17

The Broncos fell apart at home against an injury-riddled and mostly Mahomes-less Chiefs team. The Colts beat the Chiefs the week before, in KC no less, and with Mahomes on the field (albeit hobbled). The Broncos are not going to beat the Colts in the house that Peyton built. At least, not without the defense absolutely killing it and doing half of the offense’s job for them. There’s some hope of that, but it would take a herculean effort. On offense, I’ll be watching mostly to see how guys like Noah Fant and DaeSean Hamilton step up in the wake of Emmanuel Sanders’ departure. On defense, I want to see Alexander Johnson ramp his tackle numbers back up, as well as watching Duke Dawson and Davontae Harris’ play in the secondary. Chalk up an L, but look for hope in development by young players. - Taylor Kothe

Colts 20, Broncos 16

The Roller Coaster continues for the Denver Broncos. Offense scores on first possession (FG) not TD on scripted plays that work. Then abandon the running game, and status quo 3 and out. Defense turns up the heat on Jacoby and log 3 sacks and 1 turnover. Von has a better game...because the locker room is less full of animosity following Sanders Trade. - Luke Patterson

Colts 20, Broncos 10

I don’t necessarily think the Colts are as good as their first place standing in the AFC South makes them look. They’re weaker on defense than you’d think. Unfortunately, I don’t see how any of Joe Flacco’s issues are suddenly solved overnight and believe we’ll continue to suffer through bad quarterback play. It will hamstring the entire offense so unless the defense can force Jacoby Brissett into a game changing turnover (or two) the Colts will win the game by 10. - Joe Rowles

Colts 34, Broncos 9

Human nature suggests Indy won’t take the Broncos as seriously as it did its last two games; especially when you consider the outcome and who it beat (KC and Houston). In most circumstances that’s the case. After the retirement of Andrew Luck the Colts have something to prove — namely that the last two wins weren’t a fluke. - Ian St. Clair

Colts 23, Broncos 13

Good team, bad team, home team, road team. Broncos are bad. Indy is not bad. It is sad that they are bad but not just bad, they are sad. They’ll lose by a tad because they’re bad and really sad and we will all be mad. Home team 23 bad team 13. - Kevin Gillikin

Colts 31, Broncos 9

After the pitiful display against the Chiefs, why would anyone feel like the Broncos will even show up. McManus kicks three field goals. - Adam Malnati

Give us your score predictions in the comments section below.